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Utilizing his vast resources and Capsule Corporation commodities, such as the company's manpower and hard-worked hours, Derek Eberstark has retrieved the ruins of the Titania. Once the magical, floating fortress of the succubus Alida Blandine, Derek has worked diligently throughout the years to construct a less vague and awe-inspiring variant to what had once been Deius Castle. Thus the Titania has been renamed as the Bastion.


Bastion rests within the confines of West City, though not within Capsule Corporation's headquarters. It is owned and operated by Capsule Corporation.

The Bastion is meant as a hub for the reemerging power wielder community. Reminiscent of the Deius Castle of old, the Bastion sports training arenas and power wielder grade gymnasiums. Resistant to power wielders' wildly destructive powers (to a degree), power wielders may flock to the complex and train at their leisure. The arenas themselves mimic those of the Budokai tournament in size, shape, and even appearance. The stands around them are protected by fields which prove stalwart against any wayward blasts of energy, while the gyms cater to several needs, and can be retrofitted to suit those of practically most power wielders.



The Bastion is a sprawling complex, possessing twenty-four arenas in total. As explained before, the arenas are resistant to power wielder combat. Onlookers may safely sit on the stands without worrying about collateral damage from the raging energies that power wielders often employ. Arenas may be reserved for free, in a 'first come, first serve' system whereupon power wielders must register and reserve the use of one. The reservation system is of course more complex than that, but usually will not exactly be observed or plumbed during roleplay.


The gymnasiums work much like a mortal gym would, meaning that a renewable monthly membership is required to utilize its facilities. The gyms boast the best that Capsule Corporation has to offer for power wielders, meaning that they're not solely comprised of weight machines and the like. Machines dedicated to strengthening the mental might of psions are available. As for mages, special booths are prepared for the stalwart manipulators of magic, allowing for special conditions or training dummies for them to practice their arcane arts on.

Other special booths are available, which necessitate the same monthly subscription for power wielders to utilize. Mainly, private booths for when a tutor teaches a student or students techniques not meant to be openly shared (such as if they were taught in one of the arenas, which are public and free of charge), Capsule Corp. guarantees total privacy when necessary.

Restaurants and Concession Stands

A wide range of nutrition is available at the Bastion, meant to cater to specific needs. From the weight-watching power wielder, to the irrepressibly hungry Saiyan, one can and will find what one needs within the Bastion's food court.


The Bastion doesn't boast a full-fledged power wielding healer in its staff. Instead, it seeks to overcome this need by attempting to mimic Saiyan healing pod technology with its own custom brand. Equipped with several healing pods of its own, the infirmary is fully capable of healing any of the Bastion's customers after their spars are over. Also, contrary to popular belief, one does not have to be naked to better absorb the healing juices.

((This healing is only applicable for actual sparring, not during plot events or any such scenes of import. Otherwise, the Bastion's infirmary counts as a fully-equipped hospital where incap days are concerned.))


The Bastion is also headquarters to LarsTech, the budding power wielder weapons shop set up to cater to the needs of the power wielder community. Naturally, one can't simply walk in and buy whatever they like. Power wielders must be citizens of Cardinal in good standing, or at the very least a person susceptible to a positive background check, before LarsTech offers any of its services.

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