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Christianity, in this world, had its beginnings in D'hennex, when the charismatic son of a carpenter called thousands to listen to his teachings. He was born and lived in the territory of Israel, in the times prior to the conglomeration of the human territories of D'hennex into the kingdom of An-Yneaith. He died at the hands of governmental forces that feared the mob, but his teachings lived on after him, his disciples spreading his words throughout the lands. However, a strong central authority never formed. Several people, with teachings passed on in an unbroken chain from the disciples who travelled with the Christ, hold a traditional authority as respected elders, but it is far from an irresistable force. The largest formal group that tends to coalesce is a house-church, a group of adherents who gather in a single house to socialize and share the rites of their faith, reinforcing each others beliefs before venturing back out into the world.



D'hennex is the birthplace of the religion, and the vast majority of the adherents dwell there. The house-church structuring that is present in most human territories acts similarly to a resistance cell structure, so that in the case of persecution, the faith is very difficult to entirely stamp out.


Christianity has a very weak toe-hold in Cardinal. Several notable citizens (such as James Kaider) are adherents, but there exists little formal structure in the land for them, as Kamism is the official religion of the land, and believed in by the vast majority of the citizens. This should not come as a surprise to any student of history, as the deities of Kamism have appeared and acted on behalf of the people of Cardinal -- those deified by adherents of Christianity have not.


The religion is believed to have spread to Alaris during the exchanges that took place during the last wars with the undead of Drovinia, when the Alarans came with their mechanized support to help fend off the walking dead -- and then to subjugate the humans. However, the presence is deemed to be extremely weak in most domes, although some references in nomenclature and legal ritual seem to indicate a mild influence.


Christianity is not known to have spread to this land.