Clive Baldersen

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Full Name: Clive Baldersen
Age: 32 years old
Race: Human
Birthplace: West City
Status: Active
Faction: Power Wielder Hero Tier 2 (1,000 - 10,000)
IRL Years of Existence: <1



Clive is tall and well built, with dark brown hair, and green eyes. Being a creature of the habits of his training, he is always smartly dressed in dress trousers, button down shirts, suits, and the like, and is always standing with good posture.


Being fond of stories of knights in shining armour as a child growing up in the Zonas Mansion, Clive learned from an early age the arts of diverse weaponry, and tactical combat. Favouring his own armour, the Odinscyld, and his mighty warhammer Wyrdvattir, Clive goes into battle prepared and waiting, with his ki to aide in his private war to keep his loved ones safe.


Clive was the youngest child born to Peter Baldersen, his mother Sophia died when Clive was ten, and the lad was immediately set apart and raised by Peter's employer, Troy Zonas to succeed his father as the Zonas Butler and bodyguard. Clive's brother, Owen is the personal butler to Troy's wife Rebecca, his sister Anna-Maria escaped the Zonas Mansion, and works with her husband in their plant nursery in South City.

For many years, Clive grew hearing Troy's tales of heroes and legends. Being a smart young lad, Clive was given the best in education by Troy himself, who favoured the boy, and fancied him to become a powerful bodyguard for his children. Alas, Clive was but four when Troy's first child, a boy by the name of Wesley, died. It would be another four years until Troy was made a father once again, this time to a girl, Selyka. Taking his task as protector, and future butler to the heir of the Zonas fortune, Clive taught himself all sorts of strategems, armaments, weapons, ettiquette, cookery, everything anyone would possibly want or need from a man servant.

As he grew, Clive began noticing how Troy favoured him above the other servant boys, bringing the young man into his council, keeping him beside her throughout his lunacy, and setting him up as the leader of his small squad of Black Knights. Having the opportunity to be commander of real knights had Clive seeing stars, and he accepted eagrely, living his life with his code of honour strictly in place. Things between Troy and his daughter Selyka escalated at an alarming rate, and the young butler could do nothing but patch Selyka's wounds and promise he would make whatever he could better. When Selyka got married to Nathaniel Marron, Clive was overjoyed, but secretly disappointed that she didn't find a way to take him with her. That was, until Troy began using him and his knightly companions in murderous raids around West and Central Cities. Confused and morally broken, Clive inadvertantly came across Pamela MacNeish during Troy's earliest raid, later on he advised Troy to hire the woman as the new IT chief for Heorot-Scylding, Troy's company. Fate would take the two dreamers and thrust them together, as Clive fell in love with the lovely Pamela, and her friendly, caring, genuine demeanor. He promised again that he would make things right, and began working with Pamela and the Marrons to plot Troy's downfall.

The card house came tumbling down, when Troy discovered the link between Pamela, Clive and Selyka, and in a fit of passionate rage for the butler he trusted, Troy had Clive killed in a live spectacle for Pamela to witness. Fate, however, would step in again, as Clive was dumped on none other than Selyka's doorstep. Apparently no one informed Troy that his daughter had the power of healing in her magical reportoire. Healed, and released from his cruel bondage at Troy's hands, Clive is attempting to find a footing in the world outside servanthood, while attempting to work towards gaining his powers back, and ending Troy's evils for good.

Now free of the battles, Clive and Pamela have settled for the time being in his newly purchased cabin just west of Point-Clair, a few hours away from Pamela's family home. Being named Selyka and Nathaniel's daughter Astraea's godparent, Clive hopes to relax and enjoy life with his friends and family.