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This article is to contain a record of important events, whether created by a player or by a plot event. Things should focus on events of note beyond a single character's purview -- what they had for breakfast is not, a villain wiping out a town is. If it would appear in a newspaper, generally speaking, this is a suitable place for it. Please date all events, for sorting purposes -- newer events should go at the top, and older events at the bottom.

Older news can be found here.

Year of 2015

May 21, 2015

Vigilante Group Strikes Corrupt Politician

An unidentified group of powered vigilantes attacked the home of a South City politician today. When the Compass Guard responded, they arrested the resident, Jeremy Hurst, and charges are pending, to include kidnapping, forcible confinement, and assault, with other charges yet to be determined. Rumours of bribery and links to the infamous South City Sabatino crime family have arisen in the wake of the attack and the arrest.

The Compass Guard is requesting that the vigilantes come forward for questioning, but has not issued a warrant for their arrest at this time.

Year of 2013

January 24, 2013

Unidentified Group Kidnaps West City Quarry Workers, Steals Quarry In The Process

Ten men and women, all wielding Ki power levels, absconded with West City's outskirts quarry earlier today. Many of the quarry's workers, those that survived their initial onslaught, were taken along with the entire complex itself. Several power wielders arrived at the scene, though were unable to defeat the group of villains. Many of them were left injured, and taken to undetermined hospitals for medical care.

West City Gripped By Vampiric Reign Of Terror

Late night on the 24th, a newly renamed Compass Guard armory was assaulted by a large force of vampires. The servicemen stationed there and any first responders are currently MIA. Much of the equipment stored there was stolen or destroyed, bringing a large section of the city into lawlessness. While several power users arrived to put down the rebellion, they were unsuccessful. Witnesses report multiple arrivals, though only two were found at the scene, severely injured. They were taken to nearby hospitals for medical care. Since this has occurred, there are large sections of the city that are not safe at night for mortals or weaker power users alike.

[Territory: Seamus controls 34% of West City]