Damien Vrylar

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Name: Damien Vrylar
Age: 35
Race: Human
Birthplace: Vill Camp, Cardinal, Earth
Status: Active
Faction: Power Wielder Hero, Tier 3 (10,000 ~ 100,000)
IRL Years of Existence: ~5 (Approved November 2002)



Damien is a large, bald, muscular man who is almost never seen without his massive sword and shield on hand. Standing six foot five inches and weighing in at around three hundred pounds, and often wearing little more than simple brown cloth shirts and pants when not carrying his shoulder plates and chest armor, Damien certainly brings to mind a barbarian warrior. Since his inception into the Ranger Guard, Damien has taken to wearing the uniforms of that organization, although off-duty he still prefers his simple clothing.


Damien is a ki fighter trained in hand to hand combat. His reflexes are honed to allow for speed far surpassing that of most other ki fighters on an equal power level and he is able to take a great deal of damage before succumbing to the pain, especially since receiving the shield Striketurner. His projectile combat skills are less well-developed, but he places emphasis on using ki blasts that can be negated upon missing their intended target, so that explosions do not catch bystanders or property. Damien claims to have druidic powers related to communication with plants and animals, but he does not seem to have any sort of combat-worthy ability in this field.


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