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The Dragonballs are some of the last, lingering hallmarks of the Dragonball sagas that still remain a part of this setting. They are sets of seven, orange, translucent spheres with a number of stars floating in their centers designating their unique membership in a set. When the appropriate ritual is enacted in the presence of all seven Dragonballs of a particular set, the Eternal Dragon for the set is summoned, usually granting its summoner one or more wishes of fantastic reach. In a world where characters have world-rocking power, and where they struggle and risk their lives for their ideals, such treasures are frequently the driving, focal points of legendary adventures between good and evil.

The Dragonballs That Be

There are currently only two recognized sets of Dragonballs in the known areas of the universe: Those of Earth, and those of New Namek.

Earth's Dragonballs

The Dragonballs on Earth were created by its current Kami, Oracle. They are slightly larger than professional baseballs -- about the size of oranges. The stars inside are a slightly darker color, like a light brown. If a person gathers all seven of Earth's dragonballs, raises their hands to the sky, and recites, "Eternal Dragon, I summon you!" in the common tongue, Earth's Eternal Dragon, Shenron, appears, and grants its summoner one wish. Shenron is a very, very long, Chinese-style dragon. After granting the wish, the dragonballs turn into inert, ordinary rocks and scatter magically to random places on the planet. After one Earth year has passed, the rocks turn back into Dragonballs, and may be used again.

Should the Kami perish, the Dragonballs immediately and permanently revert to rocks, which is not reversed, even if the Kami is restored to life. In such an event, new Dragonballs are created and randomly disseminated again. When the Kami is succeeded, the Dragonballs are temporarily dismissed. The new Kami then has the option of creating his own set of Dragonballs for Earth, if he possesses the appropriate skill.

Additionally, the Dragonballs cannot be removed from Earth, or its dimension. Any attempt to do so will cause the ball(s) to disappear and disseminate to a random location on the planet.

Wish Power

Rules in progress: The rules on this page are in development and not yet implemented. Do not use them in regular play. Once this marker is removed, you may (and should!) begin to use them.

Earth's Dragonballs have been known to have the capacity to restore dead people to life (but not return them to the land of the living in the same wish) so long as:

  • ...they did not die naturally.
  • ...they wish to be resurrected.
  • ...they died within the past year.
  • ...they have not been resurrected by Earth's Dragonballs before.

Earth's Dragonballs cannot grant the same wish to a person twice, thus why they cannot, for instance, resurrect the same person twice.

A wish can also teleport a person from any dimension or place in the universe to anywhere else in those same boundaries, so long as the person is willing to be teleported.

A wish has been used, once, to gift someone with the same powers of life and death that Shenron himself possesses.

It is often taken for granted that the Dragonballs can gift a person with complete immortality and invincibility, but no evidence to this end has been given, yet.

The full reach of Earth's Dragonball wishes has not yet been fully discussed. However, it is generally understood that if a player's character possesses all of the Dragonballs and desires to make a wish, the wish must be cleared with staff, first. The broad guideline of wishes is that no wish can surpass the spiritual power of Earth itself, which the dragon claims to feed upon.

Dragonball Locations

The following is a list of the current possessors or locations of Earth's Dragonballs. Please contact the associated player if you are interested in retrieving a ball in his/her custody. If your character recently came into possession of a Dragonball, or if you know of an error in this list, please edit this section appropriately, to keep it up-to-date.

  • 1-star:
  • 2-star: Located by Pericles (as of June 6th, 2015)
  • 3-star: Located by Pericles (as of May 12th, 2015)
  • 4-star:
  • 5-star:
  • 6-star: Located by Pericles (as of May 28th, 2015)
  • 7-star: Located by Pericles (as of May 20th, 2015)

New Namek's Dragonballs

The original Dragonballs originated on the planet Namek, by the native Namekian people, as part of a ritualized throwback to their godly ancestors, the Dragons. While Namek was destroyed long ago, the Namekian people have since relocated to the planet New Namek. Their Dragonball tradition is as strong as ever. Their Dragonballs are almost always created by the Guru -- the eldest of all Nameks and leader of their people.

New Namek's Dragonballs are considerably larger than Earth's, approximately a third of a meter in diameter. In every other physical respect, however, they are similar.

These seven Namekian Dragonballs, when gathered, will only activate if the summoner recites a special password in the Namekian language. Once this is done, New Namek's Eternal Dragon, Porunga, appears. Unlike Earth's dragon, Porunga appears to be a very muscular, semi-humanoid dragon. Porunga grants his summoner a total of three wishes, all of which must be recited in Namekian (although each individual wish is not as potent as the Earth Dragonballs' single wish). Much like the Earth Dragonballs, the New Namek Dragonballs turn into inert boulders and scatter magically across the planet after the three wishes are used, or the dragon is dismissed.

If the Guru dies, the Dragonballs disappear. Unlike Kamis, the Guru retains his "office" until he dies of natural causes, and thus, there is no succession process involved with the New Namekian Dragonballs.

These Dragonballs cannot be removed from their planet or its dimension, either. Attempts to do so will cause them to disseminate randomly again.

Wish Power

Rules in progress: The rules on this page are in development and not yet implemented. Do not use them in regular play. Once this marker is removed, you may (and should!) begin to use them.

The scope of Porunga's wish-granting power is not yet fully understood. It typically covers everything that Earth dragonballs can do, and sometimes more. For instance, Porunga can resurrect people to life who have been dead for more than a year.

Dragonball Locations

New Namek's Dragonballs are secured safely by the elite Meyonazen'ei warrior squad, who are the strongest native fighters on the planet. Their actual locations are secret and concealed, known only by these men, and the temple guardians who watch over them. People desiring to use New Namek's Dragonballs must have the elder Namek council's approval, both of the wishes and the purpose for which they are used.

Dragonball Properties

Aside from their common wish-giving and physical properties, all Dragonballs have two additional unique properties.

Firstly, they are completely invincible. No force has ever been reckoned that could destroy a Dragonball. No spell has ever been divised that has been capable of eradicating, altering, or otherwise molesting a Dragonball. Even if it were possible, many Dragonball experts theorize that the ball would merely re-materialize elsewhere. All paths to the riddance of the Dragonballs must go through their creator -- either through his death, or by convincing him to dispel them.

Secondly, all Dragonballs create a very unique, dissonant energy signature that is extraordinarily difficult to pinpoint. The energy is said to be a mix of magic and ki. A few trained persons with extraordinary senses have been able to generally locate the area a dragonball is in, but the usual method of signature location is through the exclusive "Dragon Radar" created by Bulma of Capsule Corporation. It yields the most accurate results, and can even sometimes locate signatures behind energy shielding -- the strange Dragonball signature is already highly resistant to concealment.