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Third planet in the solar system, hotbed of Humanity, the planet Earth is the key plot setting of AltDBZ, and where most of the characters either reside, originate from, or have been in some point in time.

A continental map of Earth (click to enlarge)

Land Masses

The main continents of Earth begin with Cardinal, where most of the major cities are centered. To the south of Cardinal is D'hennex, to the northeast is Alaris and to the west is Azshar. Other places of interest include The Devil's Throne and the Prison Island. You can learn more about the cities by clicking their links on the main page. Same with the continents.

The Moon

Earth has a single, natural, lunar satellite, which they generically call the Moon. It orbits the Earth almost exactly as quickly as it rotates, such that one side of the Moon is always facing Earth, and the other is always facing away. The lunar cycle also fits closely to the calendar month, such that two occurences in a month of a "full moon", where Earth's face of the Moon is fully unobscured by the Earth from the sun's light, is called a "blue moon" and is given all kinds of superstitious credit and colloquial rarity.

The moon is considered to be in its "full" phase for purposes of Saiyan Oozaru transformation every 5th of each IRL month. There is no compensation for blue moons, for simplicity's sake.

Other Extraterrestrial Objects

There are two space stations that are relative to Earth. The first station was ARCHIE III, a construct of the Lost Androids, which facilitates Earth's interstellar relations in orbit of the planet. The second station, EIS-4, belongs to the Earth-based megacompany Empirical Industries, acting as a proprietary aerospatial waypoint and shipyard. It precedes Earth's orbit of the sun, travelling a specific arc ahead of its maternal planet.


Earth is predominantly Human, being the birthplace and cradle of the species. Other alien life has come to reside in the fold, although not with the same numbers as the Human hosts.

These include:

As well as the minor races. These can also be learned in greater detail by following the links on the main page.

Earth is a hotbed for animal life, and there are many breeds and species of animals on its lands, in its skies and under its seas.

Political Situation

Earth does not have one unified ruler, but many different sovereign states. The most central form of human leadership seems to come from Central Capital. Large corporations such as Empirical Industries and Capsule Corporation contribute to the forming of Earthen lives, but really it depends on where one's from.