Johan Fahst

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Name: Johan G. Fahst
Age: 49
Race: Human
Birthplace: Rockbridge, Cardinal, Earth
Status: Active
Faction: Power Wielder Hero, Tier 3 (10,000-100,000)
IRL Years of Existence: ~5 (Approved November 2002)


Fahst stands at just over six feet tall, with a thin frame and light gray-blond hair. His dark eyes are typically hidden behind mirrored lenses. Fahst's high cheekbones and pointed chin give him a rather sharp appearance. He usually wears a heavy greatcoat, no matter the weather or the temperature. When dealing with important persons or in business ventures, Fahst dresses up quite impeccably in Strozzi suits, though many question the man's choice of a Kamist symbol tie tack, given his particular magical bent.

Powers and Resources

Fahst holds immense powers over many of the minor denizens of Hell, and can summon them into the material plane quite skillfully. Fahst has several attack spells based around fire and "fiery" emotions, as well as a significant defense in the form of a rotating shield of hellfire. He has several pacts with influential denizens of Hell, able to dominate some and force them into his own body to enhance aspects of his fighting skill, often to later detriment. He also has less direct pacts that grant innate powers to him or to his spells.

Fahst is the owner of Fahst Laboraties, a medical and genetic research facility based under his manor outside of North City. The company vies for government contracts in scientific research as well as advertises as a hospital to the local community. His riches come mainly from good business sense and winnings from high placements in the Budoukai tournaments. In addition to his own company, Fahst is invested in Capsule Corporation, for whom he used to perform weapons research. Through his own company and Capsule Corp, Fahst competes with Alothin's massive Empirical Industries as well as possible.

After the 2007 Tenkaichi Budoukai, Fahst was knighted as a Knight Officer of the Order of the Compass, and may make use of many Kamist facilities as well as Ranger Guard resources in some cases.