Landra Dragon

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Name: Landra Dragon
Age: Unknown (somewhere around 450+, in human years)
Race: Fled Dragon
Birthplace: Unknown
Status: Active
Faction: Power Wielder Hero, Tier 3 (10,000 ~ 100,000)
IRL years of existance: Between 1~2 years



Landra's general apperance is that of a human, with a few distinct differences. One difference being the color of her eyes. Her eyes are a dark red, almost crimson color set within a piercing gaze. Another difference (and this is the most obvious that makes her not human at all) is the set of wings that line her back. The wings are black in color, and resemble wings of a demon. She also sports a pair of ears that one may say mimic those of a cats, but this has yet to be proven.

Beyond her apperance, Landra is slightly shorter than one would expect of a dragon. She stands at a mere five-feet six-inches tall to her frame. She is also quite frail, but that belies the raw power that lies underneath.


Genetically speaking, Landra has raw power at her disposal. She trains to build up her body to surpass its limits in speed, stamina, and power through physical means of training. Her only spiritual ability comes in her innate ability to control fire, but if it goes beyond that has yet to have been awakened.

Biography and History

Landra was first depositied on Earth ten years ago, but remained hidden from any outside forces for that amount of time. She came in contact with Jade Boskonovich for a time when the woman was much younger and weaker, but vanished back into her solitude.

With ten years that had come and gone, Landra finally came out of her 'hibernation.' Ten years that had left her powerless and weak, having to start from the very beginning. Roaming through Cardinal on her first few days were not entirely pleasent, until she found out that she was not the only dragon that had been sent to Earth. It was then when she met and befriended the ancient dragon Wintersbreath. It was then when the fellow dragon told her why she was sent to Earth all those years ago, and requested her help on freeing the rest of their kin from the hold of the dragonballs.

So now, working with her fellow kin, they seek to find ways of releasing their enslaved kin from the clutches of the Dragonballs.