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This is a general reference sheet to phrases and words in non-Common languages that are not simply fake versions of real non-English languages. Feel free to edit this page with terms your characters use, so that both you and others can use them and look them up to be remembered.


Native word for the Mindsea, the collective subconscious network that joins all Shen'ihr.
Madness; insanity; mental illness resulting in delusions
"Little Crazy One," an affectionate term for a child with too much energy.
A Shen'ihr born with natural ki powers, enabled by special cellular bodies.
A profane expression of vehement frustration or outrage. On par with the F-bomb in English.
The cellular cluster housed inside the corpus callosum of the brain, responsible for the production of psionic powers. The word is also synonymous with 'mind' as a thinking entity. A separate word is used for the rest of the brain.
A Shen'ihr who is born with natural psionic powers.
Also spelled without the hyphen, Venedai is a special term used to refer to Shen'ihr who dabble in abominable powers, or have been outcast from society for some grievous offense.


Undead, or literally, "empty lifeing"
Slang for an artificial intelligence that takes on traits of personhood, especially when taking the form of a humanoid. The word does not literally translate, but rather, is a reference to a cultural tale somewhat similar to that of Pinocchio, where a puppet comes to life by way of magic and aspires to become a real person. In the Taerian tale, however, it soon finds itself to be better than real people, and tries to control them as they once controlled it.