Liam Casavant

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Full Name: Liam Casavant
Age: 18
Race: Human
Status: Retired
Faction: Mortal, Tier 2



Liam is an athletic young man with the build to reflect his regular training. He stands a respectable six feet tall and weighs in at a solid, though somewhat light, one hundred and seventy pounds. Most often dressed in what could be considered power-wielder attire, his pale hair and fetching blue eyes make him easy enough to spot in a crowd. Most would find him attractive simply by virtue of his boyish looks, were it not for the fact that part of his face is almost always hidden; he wears a thick black blindfold over his eyes, though this doesn't seem to hinder him in any way.


As he spent the majority of his life without his vision, Liam has come to rely on his other senses to keep him aware of his surroundings, particularly his hearing. For this reason, his hearing has become so acute that he can actually tell what a person looks like from listening to the various sounds their body makes as they move. Catching him off-guard is very difficult, as one can naturally hear in many more directions than he can see. Recently he has regained his sight through a series of microsurgeries, however, and now his eyes are his greatest advantage in battle. They are incredibly keen, such to the point that following the movements of those several times his own strength is preternatural. Coupled with his ability to intuitively read and predict the movements of others, Liam has such a pronounced advantage against power-wielders near his own strength that they typically are unable to even see him moving, let alone strike him.

As a curious side note, Liam's vision is actually sharper at night than during the day; a thin film of reflective tissue sits behind each retina, amplifying light in low-light conditions. This is also a result of the microsurgeries that cured him of his blindness.


Born into a military family (his mother and father were both Marines), Liam was disadvantaged with a genetic defect at birth that claimed the whole of his eyesight after only a few months. With the exception of what difficulties his handicap posed, he lived a normal childhood, though the absence of his parents (who often were stationed aboard ARCHIE III or deployed to various corners of the globe) has had lasting effects on him.

During his childhood, Liam gained an unabashed fascination with martial arts, despite the fact that he could not see. Though initially discouraged, as his particular handicap made studying martial arts almost impossible, his father introduced him to a role model at the age of twelve that would set him on the same path he continues to walk presently. Oddly enough, the 'role model' was actually a fictional character; the blind swordsman Zatoichi. Convinced that if a blind man could wield a sword, then he could also overcome his handicap, Liam began to train as best his lack of sight would allow. He became competent in time, though his blindness prevented him from reaching the lofty heights to which he aspired.

Shortly before both of his parents were killed in action aboard ARCHIE III during the Chorus invasion, he volunteered to undergo a series of experimental microsurgeries that would (hopefully) restore his eyesight. Though they succeeded beyond all expectations, he has become indebted to a rather unscrupulous individual for massive sums of money. After the payments have gone delinquent, powered thugs have been used as an intimidation tactic.

Presently, the young man lives under the gun, unsure of how to make ends meet, let alone square the mountain of debts piled against him. His only hope lies in realizing his childhood aspirations; if able to place in the next Budokai tournament, perhaps the prize money will be enough to dig him out of his hole and put his life back on track.