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New Namek is the second Namekian homeworld, created by the Dragonballs after the original Namek's destruction. It is a large planet in comparison to Earth, maintaining an odd orbit around two suns. Contrasted with many other worlds capable of of interstellar travel and communication, New Namek is somewhat pastoral and rustic.

Population Breakdown

98% Namekian, 2% other, much of that other being composed of humans and demihumans hailing from Earth.

The Namekian population also breaks down into several castes:

  • 65% Defender Caste
  • 30% Warrior Caste
  • 5% Dragon Caste

Major Cities


As the knowledge of the Dragonballs has become more widespread throughout the galaxy, the Namekians have endured many assaults upon their world by those that would try to take them by force. The Namekians are a peaceful people, but they've come to learn that peace must be actively worked towards.

At present, New Namek 's major settlements and shrines are primarily protected by shield generators developed by Capsule Corporation. In addition, the shrines where the Dragonballs are kept are also protected by a highly trained elite force of elite defending defenders of... well, you get the idea. These warriors are quite possibly the most powerful on the planet, with exceptional powers gifted to them through use of the Dragonballs.

Namekian Culture