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North City was once a stalwart, proud city nestled in the mountain ranges of the northern territories of Cardinal. More than a century and a half ago, a criminal uprising led to a citywide devastation that seemed all but hopeless to its denizens. However, destruction by the hands of demons led to reconstruction by demonic hands as well. Before long, North City was restructured by demons and repopulated by its original denizens; its architecture had changed drastically, and the city benefited by powerful enchanted defenses.

However, the defenses offered by the central Pillar of Warding proved to be a double-edged sword.

With its architect deceased, the pillar rapidly deteriorated. Its enchantments changed from protecting the citizens of North City, to corrupting them heavily with its deteriorating magic. The changes came quickly, as the population became demons themselves; mindless and rampaging creatures bent on little more than destruction and chaos. The city rapidly fell, most of its buildings and architecture blasted apart and ruined beyond repair.

In one hundred and fifty years, North City has become a demon infested wasteland.

Vital Statistics

Official Name
The Northern Wasteland
Universal Location
On the planet Earth, on the continent of Cardinal
National Allegiance
Unknown number of demons

Points of Interest

North City has long since become a frigid wasteland of demons and death. There are no real notable points of interest that have been discovered since its fall.