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These are the official character rules for Nameks. For the story-based description of them, go here.

These are the official technical specifications for characters created as Nameks. If you want the literary background on Nameks, please visit this section of the website instead.

Tech Bias: Neutral

Nameks require the base amount of tech days for their techniques. They tend not to create any particularly brain-knotting techniques, but they can learn anything taught to them by others.

Pros and Cons

  • Caste System: Nameks are raised in specialized castes, and thus, gain specific bonuses to functions within their caste. Attempts to violate the caste boundaries are difficult for them, however, resulting in lowered capabilities there. All Nameks have castes, regardless of their upbringing, due to genetic memory structures within their mitochrondrial DNA. When you create a Namek, choose one of the following "caste" packages:
    • Defender Caste: Specializes in PhysPL. May not possess KiPL. Receives all Enhanced Statistic (Enhanced Strength, Speed, Sight, etc) CTs at Excellent bias. May apply to certain original techniques at staff discretion.
    • Warrior Caste: Specializes in Ki and Psi energies. All Ki and Psi gimmes, except durability (ki durability and psi PD), function at a power level equal to twice the lesser PL, or their normal PL, whichever is better. PL gains put towards Magic are halved. May not possess PhysPL.
    • Dragon Caste: Specializes in Magic energies. PL gains put towards Ki, Psi, and Physical, are halved. Dragon caste members receive a 10 base day discount on all techs over 60 base days. Dragon caste members perform complex spells more rapidly, therefore Mandatory Casting Time for them begins at 120 base days, subsequently following this progression:
      • 1 - 120 base days: no preparation time
      • 121 - 210 base days: 1 post of preparation
      • 211 - 330 base days: 2 posts of preparation
      • 331 - 480 base days: 3 posts of preparation
      • 481 - 660 base days: 4 posts of preparation
Dragon caste members succeed on Enlightenment rolls on a 4, 5, or 6, instead of only on a 6.

  • Heightened Growth: Namekian characters begin play with 2250 Total PL, rather than the normal 1500.

  • Accelerated Healing: Nameks heal 2 points of incapacitation for every real day that passes. This rate may be further increased to a total of 3 points of incap per real day by high-technology hospitals that have had the chance to study Namekian physiology. Any major city hospital on Earth qualifies, but outer regional hospitals do not. For other planets, it is dependant on the planet's medical history of connections to Namekian physiology, and is thus dictated by the creator of that planet, or by staff, in the case of canon planets such as Earth.

  • Regeneration: If Nameks lose a body part, they can reattach it without penalty, as a free action (maximum of one limb per round, in combat) provided it is within reach. If it is entirely obliterated, they may spend an action to regenerate the limb. There is no permanent penalty to PL for doing this, however, their PL is dropped by 10% for three rounds thereafter, while mind and body recover from the shock of the limb's loss and return. With their formidable regenerative abilities, it is difficult to permanently kill a Namek. There are only two methods known and readily available to most fighters: complete obliteration of the entire body, or completely draining both their durability and stamina pools. With anything less, the Namek will suffer only up to twenty points of incap, after which their body will have repaired itself.

  • Racial Ability: Body Stretching - Nameks have an extensive natural ability to stretch and warp their body proportions. Their PLs are not modified in any way while this takes place, but it should be noted that as body parts grow and stretch, durability becomes stretched out over the body, and thus, this makes stretched parts more locally vulnerable (like how a needle is more likely to puncture you than a hammer). Growth and reduction occurs at the same speed that the Namek can normally physically move, including by autokinetic psionic movement, or active speed enhancement spells. A Namek may only do one growth or reduction per post (except for arms and legs, in which case both parts may be done simultaneously), but it does not count as the post's technique. A Namek may not grow any or all parts of his body more than 5 times bigger, nor may he shrink any or all parts to be more than twice as small.

  • Racial Ability: Fusion - Nameks have the unique ability to join their bodies and powers together in a Namekian Fusion. Fusions are done two at a time, and both parties must be willing. In case of an in-battle fusion, it requires one full post to fuse. Fusions are permanent, and there is no way short of the Dragonballs to reseparate two fused Nameks. In a fusion, one Namek is the host, and the other is the tenant. The host is the dominant Namek. He retains his body, and his personality stands at the forefront. The tenant is passively blended into all but physical aspects of the host, supplementing him with all of his powers and skills, as well as still existing as a subtle second personality. The owner of the host is the player who will officially control the Namek from that point forward. As a result, the fused Namek has the sum of all the powers and techs of both fusing Nameks. There is no limit to the number of times a Namek can fuse. A fused Namek can still be the tenant for another Namek, and still carries the skills and personalities of its old tenant.

  • Advanced Sense - Nameks can detect noises and sights at 150% TotalPL speed, instead of 100%. They also gain +100% energy senses versus all sensible power types.

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