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We are currently in the process of moving AltDBZ's rules to this Wiki. This page will serve as the main page and the table of contents.

Please note that this section of the AltWiki will not function exactly like others. All articles in this area, including this article, will be placed on protected status, which means only Alt's staff may edit them, as opposed to everyone. However, we will be leaving the discussion pages open for all to edit and comment. If you have a question or concern about one of the rules, or if you want to suggest changes to a rules section, please make it in the discussion section for that particular article. For discussion, comments, and suggestions that don't fit under any particular rules section, use the discussion page for this article. Discussion that does not belong in a particular discussion page may be removed by staff.

The Official Rules of AltDBZ

These are the rules we follow in Alternate Dragonball Z RP. It is a comprehensive documentation of what we do and don't allow, options that are available, and how various procedures are expected to be done. All rules in this section apply, but generally you only need to know what applies to your character, specifically. Everything else you need to know is usually given to you, or explained to you as you go. However, players who have been with us a while have found it beneficial to get to know as much of the rules as they can, since this helps them understand if their opponents are making errors.

This RP Room is hosted on Illusionary Minds Chat (IMC), a free web-based chatting forum oriented around role play. To participate in this room, you must have an IMC account, and have read and agreed to the IMC TERMS OF SERVICE. We strictly enforce all IMC terms and regulations.