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Saiyans and Halfbreeds

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These are the official character rules for Saiyans. For the story-based description of them, go here.

These are the official technical specifications for characters created as Saiyans, Halfbreeds, and their equivalents (races which aren't them but have statistics exactly like them). If you want the literary background on Saiyans and Halfbreeds, please visit this section of the website instead.

Halfbreeds are the offspring of Saiyans and Humans. While Saiyans have been on the planet so long that complex family trees have been made between the two races, and there's any number of Saiyan and Human blood mixes (not to mention mixes with other blood types), we do not allow players to distinguish every single minute deviation. A character is to be either considered a Saiyan, a Human, or a Halfbreed ... however, which of these denominations is not entirely dependent on how much of each blood a character has, so that characters can claim that one race had dominance over the other, or one was recessive in another case. Please do not try to confuse staff by putting down your own unique blood mix in your character applications. Just pick the statistic set you want... Human, Saiyan, or Halfbreed. The latter two are listed below.

Saiyan Statistics

Tech Bias: Poor

Saiyans require an extra quarter more tech days than base (1.25x) that techniques would normally cost. Additionally, they have problems inventing techniques that have much ingenuity in them at all. They're allowed to learn more ingenious things from others, however.

Pros and Cons

Major Racial Benefits

  • Racial Ability: Super Saiyan - Once reached, a Saiyan can transform his or herself into a legendary Super Saiyan. Super Saiyans effectively get a 6x boost to their Ki PL. When first achieved, a Saiyan may only turn into a Super Saiyan when he/she feels genuinely murderous toward his/her opponent, and it may only be activated once per week. In order to achieve Super Saiyan status, a Saiyan must earn it by experiencing a staff-approved moment of extreme rage which strongly involves at least one other player's character. They must have at least 10,000 base KiPL in order to achieve it, as well.

  • Inherited Technique: Emotional Control - This technique permits a Saiyan who has reached Super Saiyan to use that transformation more often, and in less restrictive circumstances. Mastery (full research) of this technique is a requisite for reaching Super Saiyan 2. This technique is measured in levels. Each level costs 60 tech days (no bias change). Super Saiyan is required to research this tech.
    • Level 1: With this, a Super Saiyan requires only legitimate anger towards an opponent to activate (as opposed to murderous intent). Frequency is adjusted to 3 times per week.
    • Level 2: Mastery of emotional control permits the Saiyan to transform when and where he/she pleases, so long as he/she is conscious. Frequency increases to once per day.

  • Inherited Technique: Ultra Super Saiyan - This is a special deviation from normal Super Saiyan which emphasizes strength over speed. Ki PL is multiplied by 6x as with normal Super Saiyan; however, the Super Saiyan's strength, while in this form, is like his/her PL was 9x base, while speed declines to the level it would be if the Super Saiyan's PL were only 3x base. In order to achieve this form, the Saiyan must have achieved Super Saiyan, have a base Ki power level of at least 20,000 PL, and have spent 30 tech days (no bias).

  • Inherited Technique: Super Saiyan 2 - This is the highest permitted form of Super Saiyan in Alt DBZ, currently. It permits the Super Saiyan 10x base PL instead of 6. In order to achieve it, a Saiyan must have achieved Super Saiyan, mastered Emotional Control (level 2), have a base Ki power level of at least 100,000, and have produced a storyline which would pass for a Human epiphany (see the Human statistics for details). It may be used once per day.

  • Racial Ability: Oozaru Form - As long as a Saiyan posesses his/her tail, whenever he/she gazes at the light (artificially emulated or not) of the moon, he/she transforms into an Oozaru -- a 50 foot tall, raging ape creature. All power levels are combined into Ki, and then that Ki power level is multiplied by 6. All techniques become useless except for those specifically designed for use during Oozaru. Without additional training, a Saiyan loses all sane thought while in Oozaru, blindly attacking everything that it sees, and generally acting like an enraged ape with ki powers. Oozaru lasts until the tail is removed, or the light of the moon is gone. Once transformed, the user has no control over reverting back to normal form again, aside from those already stated options. The moon becomes full on the 5th of each month.

  • Inherited Technique: Oozaru Control - Mastery of this technique permits a Saiyan to retain full sentient thought while in Oozaru form. However, this does not grant any special option of reverting out of Oozaru again, outside of normal methods. It costs 120 tech days (bias is not applied).

  • Natural Born Fighters: - While researching Faster Ki, Enhanced Eyesight, Stamina, Speed, Natural Charge, Durability, Concentration, and Gain, Saiyans gain two techdays for every one techday invested. This may also apply to other techniques at the sole discretion of the applications staff. (These techniques can be found in the Saiyan Preferred Techniques Category.)

  • Rapid Growth: - Saiyans are created with 1.5x the standard PL allowance.

  • Enhanced Gain: Saiyans' base fight gain is 4% (0.04x) instead of the standard 3%. Passive training and daily cap are affected accordingly.

Minor Racial Benefits

  • Accelerated Healing: When a Saiyan is incapacitated, each real day that passes consumes 1.5 incap days. If the Saiyan is hospitalized, that becomes 3 instead.

  • "Anything that doesn't kill you...": Each real day that passes while a Saiyan is in incap gives a 2% Ki gain.

Major Racial Disadvantages

  • Tail Weakness: - When a Saiyan is grabbed by the tail, it causes extreme, paralyzing pain, such to the degree that the Saiyan is barely able to even speak, let alone continue fighting. If a Saiyan is grabbed by the tail during a fight and it is held with an amount of strength greater than the Saiyan's concentration threshold, the Saiyan is instantly stunned and unable to act until the pressure is relieved. Training may overcome this weakness; by spending 60 days (bias is applied), the Saiyan can 'evolve' beyond this weakness, but the sensation is still hardly pleasant.

Minor Racial Disadvantages

  • Power Type Specialization: Any power distributed to Psi or Magic is halved (it takes 2 PL of gain to get 1 PL of Psi or Magic).

Halfbreed Statistics

Tech Bias: Neutral

Halfbreeds require the base amount of tech days for their techniques. They tend not to create any particularly brain-knotting techniques, but they can learn anything taught to them by others.

Pros and Cons

  • Tail - Same as a Saiyan's, with the same Tail Weakness and cost to overcome.

  • Racial Ability: Super Saiyan - Same as a Saiyan's, except the multiplier is 3x instead of 6x. Requires 5,000 KiPL to achieve instead of 10,000.

  • Inherited Technique: Emotional Control - Same as a Saiyan's, but each level is 30 days instead of 60.

  • Inherited Technique: Ultra Super Saiyan - Same as a Saiyan's, except strength is 6x base instead of 9x, and speed is reduced to base instead of 3x base. Requires only 10,000 KiPL and 15 tech days (and Super Saiyan).

  • Inherited Technique: Super Saiyan 2 - Same as a Saiyan's, but multiplier is 6x base instead of 10x. Requires only 50,000 PL instead of 100,000, in addition to the normal epiphany storyline, super saiyan, and emotional control mastery.

  • Racial Ability: Oozaru Form - Same as a Saiyan's. However, please note that Oozaru Control is not available as a Halfbreed.

  • Accelerated Healing: Same as a Saiyan's. However, please note that Halfbreeds do not get extra PL for being incapped like Saiyans do.

  • Rapid Growth - Same as a Saiyan's, except the allowance multiplier is 1.25x instead of 1.5x.

  • Natural Born Fighters - Halfbreeds gain one additional tech day for every two tech days invested when researching most of the techniques found here, save for Enhanced Gain, for which they receive no bonus at all.

  • Enhanced Gain: Halfbreeds' base fight gain is 3.5% (0.035x) instead of the standard 3%. Passive training and daily cap are affected accordingly.

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