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The Sluagh are a quasi-magical race of beings that have spawned from intensely horrific nightmares and deep-seated fears held amongst the mortal community. Most of these creatures exist intangibly as dream-creatures who feed upon the fear in the nightmares of their creator, but a rare few are able to break the bond between creator and creation and wander free as sentient, physical beings.

Sluagh tend to only be formed during events of great stress and fear on Earth - they are unheard of on other planets. Whether this power of creation is a human quality or merely an oddity in the Sluagh themselves is unknown.

Although most Sluagh wield magic, they can certainly hold psionic power as well. Ki and Physical Sluagh are unheard of, although it is likely not impossible for such beings to exist.

The Sluagh known to exist on Earth at the moment all reside in or near Cardinal's East City, although very few people know of their existance in any case.

OOC Information

The Sluagh are an approved minor race owned by Tiryst. At the moment, the race is under revision and may be approved in a new form in the future, so creating a Sluagh is currently not allowed.