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This is the background, and planetary information for the Battlemind race for character information go Here

This is the home planet to the race of people known as Battlemind, or Tephrans as they might be called by off-worlders. While the planet hosts several other races the Battlemind population maintains the highest number of inhabitants.

Planetary Information

Cities & States
Example of Orbital view of the Tephra Capital City Tephras population is mostly held inside megacities. These megacities are large structures often with spires that reach into the sky. Many megacities are surrounded by boroughs often used by farmers, industries, and anyone not living inside the megacity structures.

  • Megacity 13: One of the strangest cities on Tephra. Massive spiraling towers and large arches populate the city skyline of Megacity 13 making it a sort of gothic thumb sticking out among the modern looking architecture of other megacities. Some of the most industrious minds have called this city home, and some of the most disturbed. From twisted, heavymind art galleries to bolts of psionic energy tearing open the gloomy sky that always seems to surround this city, Megacity 13 is said to be the place where battlemind magic had its origins, if anyone would believe the mad men bellowing in padded rooms. Strange creatures roam the city streets and sewers, some of the creatures from the wilds and others from hidden labs, Megacity 13 is a place many downtrodden call home, and almost always their final resting place.

The main lands of Tephra are a Constitutional Republic. Representatives are selected on the state level bi-yearly, and on a national level quadrennially. (The constitution of Tephra resembles the United States of America Bill of Rights) The Tephran government does not maintain any official embassies off-world, nor does it have an military, or financial aid agreements. The government does not restrict trade, or humanitarian aid.

The Lords are here, as they always were, and they tether our minds -Kaiwan

Barring a few local militias, the main government of Tephra does not have have a standing army and instead boasts a large population of reservists. There is a non-compulsory military course that citizens of any major, or minor city can participate in as part of opting into a reserves unit. Contrary to general social etiquette-these military courses train citizens to use subterfuge, obfuscation, and other guerilla warfare tactics. Combat courses are typically done in complete darkness forcing its trainees to utilize their psionic, and other senses.

Reservationist, and similar militias are often used in defense convoys for traders.

Like many planets a large portion of the surface is covered in ocean. Beneath the oceans, and the land there are massive cave systems filled with crystals used to create psionic attuned technology, weaponry, and ancient cities of the Ni'ai. The land masses are covered with vegetation from nutrient rich soil, boasting land masses mostly devoid of civilization save some resource gathering drone operations. There are plenty of mountains which are rich in the psionic crystal, and ores used by the inhabitants of Tephra.

Day and Night cycle
Tephra has a 24 hour day and night cycle like Earth.

Gravity of Tephra is slightly heavier than Earth, but humans could live on Tephra with almost no noticeable difference.

Advanced crystal technology. Computers using crystal data storage, crystal psionic energy, all things crystals. There are boats, hover cars, land vehicles, and most things found on modern Earth. Tephra also has space traveling capabilities with everything from private vessels to grand ships that they can use to travel the worlds. A popular communication device is known as a CIL phone (Crystal Interface Lifeline). The CIL phone is a thin (4mm thick), round (6 inches long, rounded edges. 4 inches wide), crystal slab used for communications via PHINE (Psionic, Homogenous, Integrated, Network, Electronics). PHINE lets the psionic used interact with the CIL phone, and use telepathy for communication while within a small network range. CIL phones can also interact with other networks making them on par with smart cellular devices in functionality.

The internet does exist on Tephra; networks are fiber-optic, or wireless. There are all sorts of personal computer devices using crystal technology. Robotics programmed with virtual, or artificial intelligence is in popular usage in both the public and private sectors. Almost every type of what could be considered dangerous mining of various ores, and natural resources is almost entirely done through drone/bot-nets.

There are no central, or popular religion(s) practiced by the people of Tephra.


The planet Tephra was a savage place before the Battlemind came to exist. Tephra was a planet without cities and instead filled with tribes of beastial people who resembled the creatures that inhabited the land, and seas. In the savage time as they are known to Battlemind today it was very rare that the people of the tribes were born with, or developed powers like the Battlemind are born with in modern time. The tribespeople were physically strong never was it recorded among them those with gifts of magic, or psionics, but instead spiritual energy was known to bloom however rarely from an individual who would be placed on the path of shamanism to lead the spiritual tribespeople.

Before it would become known as Tephra the planet was called, Ni’uxen and the people known as Ni’ai. These names did not come from the tribespeople but from a race before them known as the Nyarlath. Nyarlath are a race of mantis-like aliens who came to Ni’uxen and planted terraforming crystals known as genesis crystals into the lifeless planet. The Nyarlath spent a few years on the then barren planet cultivating micro lifeforms and studying possible evolution paths. These Nyarlath then set off one of the genesis crystals which reshaped the planet and grew life on the world which began the lifecycle of the Ni’ai.

Ni’ai were primitive people very savage hunters without unity in their early years. As time went on the Ni’ai grew intelligent developing cultures and banding together into tribes each having its own language and system of visual communication. As time went on some Ni’ai tribes developed alphabets however most tribes had an almost universal system of hieroglyphic written communication. The tribes varied from peaceful hunter gatherers to conquering warriors who would wage war against other tribes and either absorb its remaining people or slaughter the tribe into non-existence.

During the developing time some of the Ni’ai began to find pieces of technology left by the Nyarlath and spread this information by hieroglyphs. In the later years tribes would peacefully come together lead by wise shamans who held the Nyarlath technology. The pieces of technology were a puzzle that the Nyarlath left whatever would crawl out of the primordial ooze they created to lead them to the next evolutionary step a genesis crystal that would be known as the mother crystal. It would take years of learning along with setbacks brought by warring tribes before the gathered tribes could piece together the Nyarlath technology and begin to seek the mother crystal.

It had taken more than a thousand years since the Ni’ai stood from the ground to get to the pinnacle of the Nyarlath plans for them. The final step in the evolutionary branches followed by the Ni’ai was finally on them as ten great leader brought the Nyarlath map together and followed it deep within Ni’uxen to the massive mother crystal. Surrounded by crystal technology that they could not understand they brought their people to gather around the massive mother crystal that emanated a yellow light as they brought the Nyarlath technology near. A crop of crystals with what appeared to be a panel for the map stood before them and the final step would be moments away.

The warring tribes knew of the plans of the peaceful tribes and feared whatever machinations would come from completing whatever mission the strange technology was leading them on. Spies among the peaceful tribes relaid the progress and it was on the day that the map was to be placed the warring tribes came together to attack the peaceful tribes. There would be so much Ni’ai blood that day as the cavern of the mother crystal gave little places to escape however the ignorance of the warring tribes would be met with an act that would change Ni’uxen forever and end the Ni’ai forever. The map would be placed and the mother crystal activated sending a shockwave across the planet cutting the light out of the eyes of all remaining Ni’ai.

The entirety of Ni’uxen changed by the powerful terraforming technology planted within the world by the Nyarlath. The Ni’ai would be forever changed by the mother crystal as well as they became psionically aware a trait altered in their genetics by the Nyarlath genesis crystal. This psionic awareness opened the once Ni’ai to a world of universal understanding where they no longer were separated by language. The Ni’ai became the Battleminds a race of psionic people. Ni’uxen became a more inhabitable world with crystals in, and across the land to be harvested for crystal technology.

The Battleminds grew quickly as a social culture. Understanding was difficult at first, but the Battleminds quickly learned how to mine ore, crystals, use plants for material, and medicine and developed at a quick pace. As time went on the beastial appearance a trait left in the Battleminds from the Ni’ai genetics would disappear becoming uncommon. Battleminds were born with psionic gifts and they learned to use the crystals that resonated with their psionic energy to power everything. It would take the Battlemind people several hundred years to get to where they are now in modern times.


Battlemind the native people of Tephra are the Battlemind. These humanoid people have many features like humans from Earth. However the Battlemind seem to produce what are called demi-human on Earth naturally. These rare offspring are thought to be derived from ancient genetic code in the Battlemind. The origin of the Battlemind is similar to human origin, only the Battlemind were psychically gifted beings. Some Battlemind scientist have found evidence that the planet Tephra may have been terraformed by extraterrestrial entities. Battlemind have their own language called Tepharian which is both a spoken and visual language using the innate psionic gifts of their race.

Battlemind people live slightly longer than humans with the oldest known person recorded to have passed away at 215 years of age.

General Attitude toward other races
While there may not be a vast number of Battleminds scattered throughout the cosmos the Battlemind are a curious people. With faster than light travel, Battleminds have explored other worlds, or had run ins with other non Tephran sentients. Sometimes people in space can be hostile, or generally don't mesh too well with the cultural upbringing of a Battlemind. Below are a few general views taken from these sometimes chance meetings with some of the races present in the Alt DBZ canon.

  • Humans Some of the greatest minds to ever exist come from these primitives. If only I could find a purpose for their existence other than breeding and destroying then maybe we could accept them on our planet.
  • Saiyan & Half-Saiyan The apes have never had an original thought in their mind and instead enslave other people to do things for them. Brutish, and contemptible. The best thing a Saiyan has done is breed with a non-Saiyan.
  • Nameks A great and proud people. Some of their methods, ways, and ideas are a bit dated, but generally an exemplary group.
  • Shen'Ihr A noble race of similar people. In our travels to their worlds we have learned a great deal about things like magic. We will carry their example to other people we meet in our journey across the stars.
  • Demi-humans We have these amongst our people as well. It seems some of them act like the beasts they appear to be; primitive. They carry as much purpose as humans.
  • Android & AI Great advancement in creation. These creations can be uplifting or tragic to converse with because of the development in consciousness, and social environment organic life typically proceed through that these beings don't experience. In time perhaps as these beings grow older, or are created using different techniques these beings will bring about great things.
  • Undead The Dead should stay dead.


Tephra is a large world whose inhabitants, the Battleminds have been around for thousands of years. The native Tephrans, the Battleminds have different ways of communicating, and standards set for each other through an open-minded (literally) society.

Language(s) the Battleminds began as what many cultures would call savages. After the genesis which created the Battlemind race the people were not fully able to use their psionic powers for many things such as telepathy, or psiography. As they grunted at each other they developed a what the Battleminds now call, Tephran sign, which is a language of hand positions, movement, and shapes. Eventually the Battleminds came into a better understanding of how to use their psionic gifts, and developed Battlign, the language of telepath, and psiography. Battleminds use color impressions when speaking with their telepathy to give a sense of mood, and the limited, but shared visions of psiography (mostly used in private conversation) show trust and intimacy.

As technology advanced and short to long range communications were developed, as well as interacting with other races, the Battleminds created a spoken language which relies heavily on short words, and facial expression as well as body language. There is a written language of symbols that the Battleminds use of which the alphabet is comprised of symbols as an example: Greetings! How are you today? : Greetings! How are you today?

Interaction between one another in the Battlemind societies is kept as very open, and lacking in secrets. Given the semi-personal nature of the Battlign language, Battleminds seem to prefer to be open and honest with one another about any and all questions they might be asked. It is odd for one Battlemind to keep a secret from another. Sometimes things are thought to be better off not thought about and said then asked, giving a sort of turn the other way approach in some instances when people are thought to be acting taboo, deviant, or private. A room full of Battleminds can be deathly quiet when those who do not like each other are present, both vocally, and mentally.


There are a few words that Battleminds use to describe each other, and other races that are frowned on.

  • Buzzer is a term for someone who is high, or intoxicated in some way. It's a term used for non-Battleminds mostly as Battleminds themselves are innately immune to substances that could impose an altered state of mind.
  • Zerobrain is a term for someone not born with psionic gifts. This is a very harsh insult towards Battleminds not born with psionic power, or gifts.
  • Vape head is a term for someone who likes to get high, or intoxicated through smoking, or inhaling substances.
  • Ass fiend is a term for someone who seems to only think about sex, or brings up the topic of sex a lot.
  • Plate warmer is a derogatory for women. Can also be used for lazy people.
  • Sparkly (Sparkles) is a term calling, or saying someone is gay.
  • Gene funct is an insulting term for demi-Battleminds.


Talking about the types of powers seen on Tephra and views on different powers.

  • Psionics is the main power type on Tephra and every Battlemind is considered to have been born with innate powers of psionics. This is the main focus of the Battlemind race in terms of power, and technique development.
  • Ki is the spiritual power developed by martial artists typically as a growing of inner strength manifested in the real world. Battelminds rarely develop spiritual power, but it is not uncommon. Ki is typically a secondary power type as it is very rare that a Battlemind is not born with psionic power.
  • Magic is very rare and does not occur naturally on Tephra. Battleminds who have magical power are typically those who have traveled outside Tephra to attain the energy, or talents to perform magic. There are very few on Tephra who wield the arcane arts, and many who have learned to use this power tend to stay off-world in fear of bigotry.
  • Physical is a very open source of strength a power usually possessed by "mortals", and Battleminds are very rarely born "mortal". However there are greater numbers of Battlemind with a physical inclination of power than other power types. Sometimes physical power is just a genetic deformity of the psionic energy most Battleminds are born with. There is an energy on Tephra much like magic but is gained from unprotected exposure to the Nyarlath Genesis Crystals this power is manifested as a physical type of power but is similar to Magic.

As mentioned there is a sort of bigotry associated with magic on Tephra. Tephrans tend to be an open and accepting people however magic is strange to Tephrans. There are no laws against practicing magic, or being a magician however Battleminds are weary of magic users. Being a practitioner of magic is a social taboo on Tephra however the bigotry of mages mostly stays prevalent in rural areas whereas in big cities officials try to remain open and accepting.