The First to Fall

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As the trouble-ridden world came to accept the unity between the empowered IMP units and the power wielders, new trouble was stirred from within the bowels of the Great Desert.


Two demons, Satana and Aecrueil Ftaghn, strode into the desert, where they discovered an ancient monolithian tomb from many millienia ago. After playing devilish tricks on the magical voice that guarded the tomb, they extracted a man ... a Human ... who had apparently resided there for more than 10,000 years. An evil spirit relinquished his body, and after shattering the last defenses the magical spirit had at its command in a pulse that was felt around the world, the trio strode off to unfold their evil plans.

Stefan Asteriadis, the warrior priest, was the first to arrive on the scene. He interrogated what remained of the bound magical spirit, and discovered the horrifying nature of the man who was released. His name was the Souldrinker, and at one point in time, he'd nearly managed the extinction of mankind. Setting the tortured soul to rest, the Padre set off to quell the archdemon, before his plans came to fruition.

He was too late, however, for the man showed, with his demonic cohorts, and attacked a small frontier village in the middle of the desert. Merely identifying himself as Yake, he slew innocent townsfolk by plunging his sword into their bodies and removing their immortal souls without leaving so much as a scratch on their bodies. These lifeless, pale bodies were soon called the "bloodless comatose" by the press.

Surprisingly, despite the presence of the powerful Crimson Kasima, Yake could not be defeated. However, neither were Crimson and his allies defeated. Despite his attacks, which were far too slow and weak to even phase the Super Saiyan, Yake took on the full brunt of a Kamehameha attack and survived without even a little damage. In fact, he took the powerful assault's energies and unleashed them right back at Crimson, sending the warrior reeling. This seemed to leave Yake weakened, however, and his cohorts immediately came to his side to teleport him away from heroic hands.

Yake struck twice more, in equally remote towns, though growing ever more bold in his assaults. In his third encounter, his power had nearly doubled from his first sighting. He had decided to take on a city nearly half the size of South City. Power wielders swamped him and his comrades, like flies on garbage. Even the good Padre finally managed to catch up with him, playing a pivotal role in the battle with his holy powers, which benefitted his allies grandly. More and more of these do-gooders arrived to repel the quickly rising threat, and though Yake's powers were impressive, the powers of good ultimately thwarted his intents, and left them at all but a stalemate. Finally, Yake caused an enormous explosion triggered by a powerful exorcism that an ascended Asteriadis performed, which revealed that the annoying villain had far darker ties than his emotionless demeanor let on.


Growing frustrated with his troubles with the power wielder community, Yake began to target them specifically, as individuals. One man was slain in the desert when Yake ambushed him and ran him through with his sword. Another man, the well-known Cesto Sphalerite, was absorbed when he was out training in the woods. This absorption finally triggered the enormous transformation that he'd been gunning for the entire time. After a display of demonic strength that raped the minds of people everywhere, and sucked dry nearly a fourth of Earth's population of their souls without exclusion to the power wielders, the ultra-demon Yakeoni was born. Not even Padre Stefan could stop him, now. This was the fabled demon king of ancient times, who'd slain entire nations with his horrible sword.

Meanwhile, on the planet of New Vegeta, a civil war was unfolding. Rumors were spreading like wildfire that Vegeta, the legendary Prince of Saiyans, had risen from his public mausoleum, where he had been lying in state in the Saiyan capital. Simply the suggestion of his resurrection, and the emptiness of his tomb, led the empire-loyal civillians to lead an attack on the monarchy-loyal military and palace of the residing King, Naiako. The royal family was forced to flee New Vegeta, as the King had suddenly contracted a viral heart disease, in the midst of the siege, and had to receive urgent medical attention.

In the depths of HFIL, Yakeoni arrived, and with his long-time influential partners in crime, they carved a bloodbath of a war straight through the heart of the unholy central nervous system. The battle was short, and terrible. In the end, the King of Hell, Melchiah, was evicted from his paradimensional reign, and the ascended demon gained control over all demons, everywhere.

With them, he proceeded to ransack metropolis after metropolis, with little trouble. The heroic men and women of power resisted him to the bitter end every time, but they simply could not phase the great, evil knight and his demonic army. What was worse, such power was being displaced by each individual battle, that it managed to rip straight through the continuum of reality, leaving indescribable blobs of utter void where cities once sprawled.

As the termed Null slowly ate the world alive as well as the surrounding galaxy, the final war was waged on the last Human city, Central Capital. Almost all human life had been lost. Power wielders, companies, and mortals alike were swallowed into utter non-existance. Even the dragonballs were consumed. With the addition of a large army of Saiyan warriors led by the resurrected Vegeta, there was simply nothing that the power wielders could do to save themselves. Demons and Saiyans overwhelmed the entire city and set it afire. People struck out with terrific powers at their unwelcome invaders, if for no other reason than to justify their existence to the Null, which now had swallowed almost all of Earth and most of the galaxy surrounding, as well as countless parallel dimensions.


All that was seemed to pivot on this small island of chaos. At last, the unthinkable happened... Yakeoni and Vegeta met. Though their armies were enemies on the battlefield, they clashed together and fused, in an explosion so great that almost all life was exterminated on the spot, all buildings crushed. Only a few fighters survived to view what resulted ... the King of Essential Evil ... the Plague of Existence ... Oujakuma. His goal was clear. He wanted to exterminate everything, everywhere. Not the demons, not the fighters of good, not the land he stood on, not even his own body would be safe from the ravages he promised. He was the endorsement of the Null -- it was in his plan the entire time.

At that point, Raimei Roshi-ni made a last ditch effort, and appeared at the scene of the apocalypse. Until this point, not a single person had seen the mystic teacher of Neo Kame in action. He had always been a calm and collected soul who gave advice to his students and played passive roles in the world-shaking events that had gone by.

But when he called upon the power of the Kais to aid him, he showed his true power, combatting the evil Oujakuma. Their motions were so fast, that none could even pick up glimpses of them. Their power was so great, simple body movement send showers of rubble flying off the remaining island. Their hits were so great that they were heard in what little remained of the known reality, dimensions away. No number could describe the two-entity war that raged.

Even Raimei had his limits, however. Oujakuma took damage, but only healed it in the next moment. The teacher easily stood his ground, but in time, he would tire and wear, as is the penchant for all mortal beings. It was then that Raimei decided that it was only just for a sacrifice to be made, if one had been made to bind the inexplicably evil epitome. Raimei gathered into his soul the essence of a Kai, and with it and his body, and the assistance of the spirit of Yake's long dead wife, a new reality was created where evil would never even be defined, where he and the Master of Cruelty would be bound for all and on.

The Ultimate Kai

Finally, the horrible battle was over. However, it had undone all that was. What little remained simply crumbled away. The Ultimate Kai made an appearance, speaking to the spirits of the brave power wielders who had fought against such uncanny odds. For them, he crafted a new reality, and a new Earth, with new beginnings and new possibilities.

No mortal would remember the events of Yake, even after they had been resurrected. Even many power wielders, after the Redefinition, claimed obliviousness on the matter. Those who did, however, all seemed to carry a simple necklace, which held a small sphere. Inside the sphere, was a hologram of the Earth from space, during the moments where the Null's ravages had just begun to take hold.

Perhaps their forgetfulness was for the best, as some who survive now wish they did not have to remember the horrid events of Yake, Yakeoni, and Oujakuma.