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Villains are those people who chase after evil ends, using means unjustified and unjustifiable to gain their ends. This is a short listing of such people, with a summary of their modus operandi.

Villains are typically accorded one of four status tags: Active, meaning that they are known to be pursuing their villainous goals; Unknown, meaning they have not been seen or heard from in some time, but have not been widely known to be made metabolically-challenged; Captured, meaning that they are in official custody, serving sentence for their crimes; and Dead, meaning... you know.


Of Earth

  • Alida Blandine: A rather quizzical kind of villain, Alida is a succubus who is gathering resources and strength in an attempt to overthrow Cardinal's current government and incite anarchy in its place. She is known to have other power-wielders as willing servants. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • Angela Pryde: Despite not registering as any type of power user, this woman nonetheless fights on par with power wielders. Always appearing with her highly trained small squadron, they mount attacks against power wielders, as their goal seems the extermination of some or all of them. Angela met her match when she attempted to kill Anji the rabid saiyan, and all that was left of her was a burnt husk of metal. Status: DEAD.
  • Arkon Dreydon: An intelligent undead from D'hennex. His true intent is unknown but his current hobbies include harvesting living bodies to raise into his army and looting from various museums and rare jewelers. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • Ashkadros: An ancient lich, Ashkadros rises out of the desert with his undead servitors to strike down the living and reanimate them into his undead horde. A necromancer non pareil, his ultimate goal is yet unknown. Status: DEAD.
  • Atyhtan Ator: A long-lived mage, there are as many mysteries about Ator as there are facts. He is known to use portals to steal entire buildings away to locations unknown -- however this serves his purposes. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • Caim Drakengard: An unknown demon that was summoned by a Cardinalian official in order to deal with some of the demons and vampires that had been terrorizing Cardinal. Only the demon killed the official and remains for his own gain. Whatever that may be. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • David Gennor: A gambler with a twisted mind who finally snapped when he gained supernormal powers, David Gennor terrorized the citizens of North City by instigating local thugs to gather and attack public buildings and eventually by simply destroying public property outright on his own. Gennor had some sort of personal feud with Shao Lung, who he stalked and threatened until a showdown between Shao and the gambler resulted in the evaporation of Gennor's body under the force of a Kamehameha. Status: DEAD.
  • Drita Do'urgen: An elven fighter, Drita was slain by Ashkadros and turned into the lich's service. Now he, assumedly, prosecutes the battles of the undead. He has not been seen for some time, and his status after Ashkadros' fall is unknown. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • Elysia Mei: A homunculus ki wielder, created by the unstable mind of the now dead Saiyan, Sia Renmei. The homunculus has killed two civilians and nearly killed two power wielders in battle on one occasion, and came close to wounding two others on another occasion. Highly insane and dangerous, the homunculus' identity has not been revealed or made known. Currently it is unknown as to what the creature's goals are. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • Etriel Tessamil: An angel that was slain by Ashkadros, Etriel has become an angel of death in his service. She has not been seen for some time, and with his death, may have been released to return to the Heavens. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • Gi Xuan: Few know of this man from the West, and fewer still understand his motives. He sends legions of Azsharan, ninja-clad minions to rob, kidnap, and plunder Cardinal's cities while he resides safely somewhere beyond the reaches of justice. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • Kalian Stormeye: An undead knight sent to Cardinal from the southern reaches of Drovinia. He has only recently arrived, and his agenda is unknown. Status: ACTIVE.
  • Reada Kai: A rogue ninja from Yamakagure driven mad when the full force of his bloodline limit, The Byakugan, Developed within his eyes. He spent much of his time hunting kurenai and Masa as well as Kyuukei and Tamanegi before finally being brought to his end by his one time best friend Kurenai Shishima. Status: DEAD.
  • Sehvin D. Wales: A Saiyan with a boatload of issues, Sehvin somehow managed to escape Ranger Guard custody, and has not been seen in Cardinal since. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • Selene Alexander: Servant to one Alida Blandine, Selene has been dispatched to South City with her vampiric brood to spread her own brand of anarchy upon the fun-loving town. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • Troy Zonas: A heavy armour wearing warrior, Troy hides his true identity behind his armour and his minions under the collective name of the Black Knights. When in mundane society, Troy is a rich university Professor of Archaeology and owner of multi-fasceted company Heorot-Scylding. He is obsessed with giving Earth back to Humans, and Humans alone. Status: UNKNOWN.
  • V. Alexander Magister: A tiger-demihuman psion, head of the Magister Finance corporate empire, Alexander's raids are always related to his corporate and monetary goals. His true identity has not yet been revealed, since his psionic signature is fully cloaked, and he has remained physically hidden, fighting from cover while directing a small army of hired thugs. Status: UNKNOWN.