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Claimant: 1080i

These are the official rules for Kitsune. This race is open for play.

Kitsune are foxes that have lived for long periods of time, eventually gaining fantastic powers and sentience.

Nomenclature; Kitsune
Class; Minor Race
Tech Bias; Neutral
Available Power Types; Ki, Magical. Phys and Psi are forbidden by this template.

Major Racial Advantages

Hoshi no Tama; All kitsune possess what is called in their language a Hoshi no Tama. Outsiders will often see kitsune carrying these small gems in their mouth or curled within their tails, and the purpose and importance of the gems is rarely understood to other races. The truth is fairly straightforward; the Hoshi no Tama contains a portion of the kitsune’s power. When in their possession, it grants them additional spiritual or magical strength. If stolen, however, the kitsune is at the mercy of the thief until it is returned to them. If destroyed, the consequences are far direr.

The Hoshi no Tama passively collects a kitsune’s charge rate in energy every other post. These charges are paused automatically, and may be applied to any gimmie ability or custom technique the kitsune knows. Any number of charges may be gathered in a single RP, but the Hoshi no Tama does not allow the kitsune to exceed its stated charge cap when consuming these charges.

The Court of the Beasts; Typically speaking, kitsune fall into two categories; those who are aligned with the Beast Court and those who are not. Though there is occasionally bad blood between the two, in general they have a very live and let live approach, and open hostility between individuals belonging to either group is very rare. Those who align themselves with the Court are granted the favor of Inari, their patron deity. Those who are not oftentimes curry favor with Inari in their own way, but may or may not worship him outright.

A kitsune aligned with the Beast Court is granted full access to the Temple of Inari, and given free access to all of its most advantageous features. They are granted the privilege to use the Kitsune-Bi Dojo to strengthen their power and gain knowledge, and the ability to return to life if they are killed, so long as their Hoshi no Tama is recovered by the Court. However, to remain in Inari’s favor, the kitsune must also offer tribute to the temple on a daily basis. For more on this, see Temple of Inari.

A kitsune who is not aligned with the Beast Court will not be granted these bonuses, but is not barred from joining the Court at any point in their in-character life. Instead, they are granted an additional 105 techdays upon approval. These days may be expended either during the approval process or saved for use after the character is approved.

Ancient and Wise; Kitsune, even relatively young ones, are all but ancient by mortal standards, and gain power over those long lives. Kitsune enter play with twice the starting allotment of their chosen power-level, or 3,000.

Minor Racial Advantages

Henge; All kitsune are able to change shapes. Their true form is of a large fox, with one tail for every one hundred years they’ve lived beyond their first century of life. They may shift into the form of a human of either gender easily, at a speed equal to whatever their base movement speed is. These changed forms may be maintained during combat without effort, and indefinitely when out of combat if the kitsune so chooses. In combat, changing shapes is a free action that drains the kitsune’s natural charge in stamina.

Kitsune-Bi; : Kitsune are all capable of creating fire with their tails. Kitsune begin play with the non technique-specific version of Enflame in their arsenal.

Major Racial Disadvantages

Strength in a Promise; Just as the Star Ball grants kitsune great strength, it is also a vulnerability. If a kitsune’s Hoshi no Tama is stolen or lost, they lose 1% of their power-level per day until it is returned. Upon being returned, all lost power is restored. If the Hoshi no Tama is destroyed, the kitsune’s power level is immediately and permanently cut in half, and the Hoshi no Tama is lost forever. Typically speaking, these items are so precious that taking one from a kitsune immediately allows the holder to extract a promise or favor from the kitsune.

As Old As Time; Kitsune live for centuries on end. They tend to live their lives more slowly than other races, and as such are slower to learn techniques or embrace change. Kitsune cannot achieve an epiphany as humans can, and begin play with a Neutral Technique Bias. They are ineligible for Enlightenment, and any original techniques that alter their Technique Bias in any way.

Minor Racial Disadvantages

The Fox Who Cried Wolf; Outside of their own circles, kitsune are mostly known as tricksters. Generally speaking, these jokes and pranks aren’t malevolent, but that is not always the case. Those who are aware of their nature are often distrustful of them.

Uninvolved; Though kitsune can be malicious pranksters from time to time, they are not overly concerned with the affairs of mortals and keep to their own circles. Kitsune characters may not become Declared Villains.