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Common Technique Rules

Common Techniques are techs that may be researched by any character with the proper credentials, without going through the application process, or having to learn them from someone else. Many players favor them as a foundation for their characters, as their tech day costs are pre-priced, and thus, starting with them makes a character's starting power easier to predict.

In order to give your character a Common Technique at the start, simply list the name of the Common Technique in the Techniques section of the character application. You do not need to write any other information. Remember that even starting characters must follow Common Technique credential requirements. (Requirements, if any exist, are well documented inside each common technique page, here.)

To have an already approved character learn a Common Technique, ask a staffer briefly if your character may begin learning your Common Technique choice. If the staffer OK's it, you may begin having your character research it as though it was a technique you just applied for and got approved.

Only staffers may create Common Techniques. Non-staffers may suggest Common Techniques to staff, but this should be done on the room's message board, or on the talk page for this category.

How to Read the CT Pages

The Common Technique pages have a specific format to help you understand the technique. This section describes the different Common Technique page sections.

Eligible Power Types

Lists what power types make a character capable of learning the Common Technique. Many common techniques list one, and others list many.

If none of your character's power types are listed, your character is not eligible for the Common Technique, and may not learn it. In many cases, however, you may still apply for the same concept for other power types, as original techniques. However, this is not always the case. When this does work, it may require additional tech day costs, or further credentials.

If your character has one of the eligible powers, the common technique must use that particular power type. If your character has more than one of the eligible powers, you must choose one of them, and that specification may not change. However, in many instances, you can also research the technique more than once to gain additional power type access (once more per each power type).

There may be a few common techniques that use multiple power types simultaneously. These common techniques are denoted in this section by a plus sign between power types (i.e., "Ki+Psi", rather than "Ki Psi"). You do not have to choose one of the two powers. However, if a common technique has more than one combination (like "Ki+Psi Psi+Magic") then you must choose only one of the combinations.

Technique Type

Displays what kind of technique a Common Technique is, which determines how it is used. There is usually only one type.

  • Active - Active techniques are activated by the user, and usually requiring at least one post or psionic slot to execute and drain some amount of stamina on use.
  • Passive - Passive techniques are "always on", or are sufficiently so that activating and deactivating the technique does not require any time or effort on the user's behalf.
  • Bonus - Bonus techniques are similar to passive techniques, but are integral to the user's innate abilities, and are almost completely subconscious alterations, and often cannot be separated from the user, as a whole. Examples of Bonus techniques include upgrades to statistics and expansions of existing gimme abilities.
  • Upgrade - Upgrade techniques build upon other techniques (and occasionally gimmes) in some way. When Upgrade techniques alter gimmes, it is usually a conscious change from normal effects.

Required Credentials

Lists anything a character must have prior to learning a particular Common Technique. Listed techniques must be completely learned before the Common Technique can be researched. If a Common Technique's Required Credentials section states "Special", then the Logistics section for the Common Technique will explain what is required.


Describes the Common Technique in a fluff-based (in-character) manner. Usually does not contain any essential information.


Explains the approved workings of the technique, written in official room terminology. This is where you will be paying most of your attention as you browse the Common Techniques.

The Logistics section also describes the tech day cost for each technique. This is written in a special format:

A ( B / C )

The first number (A) describes the base tech day cost of the technique. Characters with neutral tech bias use this number for research. The second number (B) describes the tech day cost for good tech bias, and is 25% smaller than A. The third number (C) describes the tech day cost for poor tech bias, and is 25% greater than A. Characters with excellent tech bias take 60% of A, rounded. Characters with dismal tech bias take a number 40% greater than A.

Characters with "plus" biases gained from the Enlightenment Common Technique take A, subtract 5 is less than 60, or 10 if it is 60 or greater, and then apply the appropriate multiplier for their bias.

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