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This is the story-based description of Foci. For the official rules on Foci characters, go here.

The Foci are not a race in the normal sense of things. Instead, they are an 'overlay', a series of modifiers that might be applied to any race.

The Foci consist of six varieties, after the effects of the Second Null. Prior to that, only two were known, and not widely-known at that -- what are now termed the cosmic Elemental Foci, diametrically opposite creations: Order Foci, and Chaos Foci. Each are capable of wielding the cosmic powers of Order and Chaos, as appropriate to their type, as well as being granted various other boons -- notably sensory ones. After the Second Null, natural Elemental Foci also began to appear, wielding the powers of the four classical natural elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, with similar benefits and relationships as Order and Chaos Foci had. Foci are not born, but neither can an adult become one -- they are made at birth. There is no genetic link to such, and it is conceivable that most any race could become a Foci. The exact mechanism by which a child is chosen to become a Foci is unknown, though among the very few scholars (most of them Foci, themselves) who know something of them, there are many theories. Some theorize that there are a set number of each, and when one Foci dies, another is born to replace the recently-deceased one. Others theorize that Order Foci are born in times of great Chaos, and Chaos Foci are born in times of great Order. This would seem to be born out by the paucity of Saiyan Chaos Foci, and the significantly higher birth rate of Saiyan Order Foci. It's not currently clear how this theory would apply to the new natural Elemental Foci, however. All that is known for certain is that, whatever the mechanism, the newborn Focus has been touched by a primal force, gifted with the ability to sense and utilize that powerful cosmic force.

Foci in History

It is incredibly difficult to tell, looking back in history, whether a certain figure was or was not a Focus. The majority of a Focus' innate abilities can be duplicated through study and powered training, and differentiating between the two even with the subject living and present is hard enough, let alone doing it from writings of questionable accuracy. Given that the incidence of Foci is extremely low, and there is no genetic component to it, they tended to not form groups exceeding two or three Foci, at most, and so do not leave extensive records of their nature or activities. Further, many Foci, past or present, were completely unaware that they even had such a nature, as being born one does not automatically convey the knowledge of what you are and your inherent gifts, any more than a human is automatically knowledgeable of the inherent gifts of their gall bladder, so even if a historical figure was a Focus, they may not have been aware of that, and so, left no sign in history of their nature.

In recent history, the earliest known Focus was Alothin, the Order Focus. Through extensive searching and researching he discovered that there had been others with his innate gifts, and he collected all the works he could find that made even the barest mention of them. As he managed to carry his library through the several Nulls that attacked reality, these records have remained intact -- which is fortunate, as they exist nowhere else, although other equivalent works, consonant with the new version of reality, do exist.

While Alothin became aware of his nature as a Focus, he did not widely bandy it about. Some of his close allies were aware of it, such as the students he instructed in magic, and also a Saiyan Order Focus who became associated with him, Beyea Lurian. However, beyond that tight circle, there was little awareness of the nature of Foci that spread from that point-source.

The Cosmic Foci Philosophy

While there are some variants among the various Foci, given that few of them have access to more academic writings on the subject, and thus operate strictly on their instincts, the most reliable opinions have a few things to say regarding the perspective of the Foci on the nature of the universe.

There are two fundamental forces at work in the universe: Order and Chaos. How they conflict, interact, and interface creates reality itself. All things are composed of Order and Chaos in careful proportion -- shifting that proportion will cause that thing to no longer be itself. Order is the force that maintains the status quo -- it keeps things working smoothly, and prevents the breakdown of reality. It also lends itself to healing things back into their natural setting, whether it be a combat-inflicted wound, a political disaster, or a gap in reality itself. Chaos is the force of destruction and creation, granting new and fabulous creations with one hand, and sweeping away the old with the other. It is entirely unpredictable in its pure form -- just when you think you understand it, it changes. Or sometimes, it doesn't change. Even that is not predictable.

For power wielders focusing upon these forces, thus, each lends itself to particular kinds of techniques. Order wielders find it difficult to construct techniques that grant enhanced speed, quite often, whereas they find it to be child's play to construct powerful defensive techniques. Chaos wielders find that they have a flair for raw damage, as well as for polymorphing effects, but defenses (particularly against more subtle status effects) come with more difficulty.

Some Foci, when they come to understand the nature of their being, and how they are attached to these primal forces, choose to ally themselves closely with the force, becoming a bulwark of Order or a raging river of Chaos. Others choose to reject such strictures, either apathetically not caring about such matters, and simply carrying on with life as they may, or even by clinging to the opposite value -- though such a conversion is very rare, and there are rumours and writings indicating that such Foci may find their power twisting and punishing them for their adherence to the opposing force. More common are the Foci who do not know of the philosophy, or, if they do, simply do not care enough to focus their decisions upon it. Despite their lack of knowledge, or lack of caring, however, the Foci quite commonly do find their ways bent by their aligned force -- unaware Order Foci often become healers or lawkeepers, whereas Chaos Foci can often by quite entrepreneurial.

Despite the opposing forces, Foci of differing types do not always conflict violently with one another. Often (particularly in the case of unaware Foci) there seems to be a magnetic attraction between the two, drawing them into a relationship, sometimes a very deep one. This is most easily understood as a case where Order and Chaos interfaced peacefully, and it sometimes turns out quite well, with the Orderly tendencies of one Focus moderating the Chaotic tendencies of the other, and vice versa.

Foci Among Other Races

Order Foci are known to be relatively common (meaning still quite uncommon) among Saiyans -- though they are not recognized as such. These Saiyans are born incapable of wielding ki, as Order Foci find it impossible to do so. Among the rough Saiyan race, they rarely live to maturity unless protected by their relatives (who are often so ashamed of them that they wish to do no such thing), or they have some other powerfully-manifesting gift. Beyea Lurian is one such example.

Chaos Foci, on the other hand, are occasionally born on Namek. They often turn to evil, and are thus eliminated by the order-loving Namekian society. Others often escape from the oppressive (to them) society, fleeing to other parts of the galaxy. Oni Siryi is one such example.

Known Foci

Known Order Foci include: Alothin, Beyea Lurian, Kusuri Igakuno.
Known Chaos Foci include: Jocelyn Santiago, Oni Siryi, Xavier Zolgsrm.
Known Earth Foci include: Cody Terraloft.
Known Fire Foci include: Anastasia Hellios, Zakkay 'Esh.
Known Wind Foci include: Tuuli Parish, Anji Shigoku.
Known Water Foci include: Sato Hotaru.

OOC Information

The Elemental Foci is an approved minor race overlay owned by Hroefn. You may freely apply for natural Elemental Foci. To apply for a cosmic Elemental Focus (Order or Chaos), you must first secure his permission.