Namek, Revisited

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The Story

Now that the defeated Zann had disappeared into amnesiac anonymity and his horrific golems had been slain, the people of Earth were left with a planet that no longer looked very inviting. Each of its major cities except for Central Capital had been mostly brought to the ground. The population of Earth had been crushed as the golems had discovered them in their underground shelters, which proved to be their demise. By the end of the struggle, only 40% of Earth's population remained, and that number was quickly deteriorating.

Without any major commercial and industrial centers left, the modernized Earthlings were in despair for survival. Most were not mentally equipped for a rural life, and those who were were more accustomed to modern rural life, with electricity. Stocks of food plummeted as crops wilted and livestock died. Anarchy reigned; the Emperor's palace was burned to the ground as Central Capital became the victim of endless riots and looting by more than 50 million people. The general morale of Earth was lower than a snake's belly. Something had to be done, or else the people of Earth would soon go extinct.

Mister Popo

Answering the call, Mister Popo once more called unto the Earth, beckoning its greatest warriors to take to the celestial beyond for the planet of the Nameks, New Namek. With Earth's dragonballs almost half a year away, and too limited to be of any use, the dragonballs on New Namek were Earth's only hope. Within two weeks, a number of pods had been launched, and had landed on the green planet.

But, planet New Namek had troubles of its own, for Earth's forces were not the only ones vying for control of the Dragonballs. A horde of vicious space pirates known as the Bloody Thorns were besieging Namekian villages, slaughtering the innocent and stealing away their precious orange spheres. Though since the times of Frieza, the Nameks had learned to mount a powerful defense, they were still no match for the pirates and their suicidal and immoral tactics. Already, when the first fighters had landed, the pirates had siezed three of the seven precious balls.

Lex Dratni

And so, the race ensued, some of the Namek elders being hesitant to give their balls away even to the well-meaning Earthlings. Several skirmishes with the pirates and one new arrival later, it had come down to Jade Kriticos and Joe Stinnett, who battled through the pirates right down to their grotesque leader, Lex Dratni. Before the beast was over, he transformed into a gigantic monster that nearly tore the planet apart as it jumped and thrashed about. It was his undoing, as the pair of do-gooders sent Lex into a chasm of magma that he created, himself.

The green planet was saved, and so the dragonballs' wishes were granted to the three groups of Earthlings who had done the most to save the Namekian race -- led by Crimson Kasima, Ky Icestorm, and Jade Kriticos. There was a long moment of tension as desires for the final wish conflicted, but soon Crimson and Ky came to a consensus that the wish should be used to restore the ruined Namekian race, and with that majority, Jade forfeited her claim and returned to Earth with the rest of the forces.

Earth and New Namek were now both as good as new. After experiencing such a brutal attack by the pirates, an exchange program was started up between the two planets, where willing fighters from Earth would travel to New Namek to help defend the powerful dragonballs, and in exchange they would be taught many powerful fighting techniques, as well as psionic or magical training. In so doing, a lasting bond has been formed between the two planets that would not be soon forgotten.

Miniplots During This Saga

The Revival

Sarada-shi, the colony of Saiyans living on Earth, was attacked by its ex-lord, Kyabetsu. Wielding massive Super Saiyan powers, the small city was utterly destroyed by a great attack unleashed by the monster. King Kabu went into a rage, at this, and exploded into his own Super Saiyanhood. Using this new power, Kabu proceeded to mercilessly crush Kyabetsu's life from his body. Now homeless, and without means to contact the home planet of their brethren, New Vegeta, many of the surviving Saiyan rulers had to find new lives elsewhere on Earth.