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Rangoukai although originally owned by the kingdom of An-Yneaith the lands that it occupies today were not colonized. Instead they were left abandoned for several years due to the wandering undead that incorporated the region. The land was considered by most to be uninhabitable once the undead forces had managed to push their way back against the armies of the Emerald Dragons.

Just shy of where undead armies had slaughtered all of the barbarians lived a small tribe of people who practiced life in a much different way from their savage neighbors. Instead of simple axes and tools running around doing what ever they pleased these people had a code. They followed their own sense of honor and right and wrong. The leaders of these people made sure that their followers were always protected and cared for. Everyone did what they were capable of so that they would be able to survive. So the tight little community continued to prosper. That was untill the Emerald Dragon armies moved through the region taking all but a few of the clans best warriors. Only for the whole army to be wiped out by undead.

The three leaders that remained made the best of the situation taking on people who showed considerable skill to be subordinates and eventually lesser nobles. Each of the remaining three warriors had a different fighting style and as such their paths of leadership branched off with that style. First there was Kento Tishiro, using a perfect blend of both Zanjitsu (A special sword style) and Kido (Magic), he took on the role of leader for the whole tribe. Delegating responsibilities as they were needed.

Next there was Trishira Tekenzung, while she knew the basics of Zanjitsu her specialty really shined in the use of Kido. She set the standard for ever other Kido user knowing over two hundred ways of Kido. (Spells) With her extensive knowledge of magic, the clans past, and the laws she quickly became both the knowledge keeper and the judge for the clan.

Finally there was Zaraki DeLeone, who had entirely shrugged off the use of Kido seeing it as nothing but a waste. He was the best swordsman known to the lands his Zanjitsu style unwaveringly strong. As such Zaraki stood for no weakness in his men, those he took under him were turned into rock hard warriors who knew no fear. His general militaristic attitude and his love for battle made him the leader of their small group of warriors as well as executioner for Trishira's ruleings.

With the death of the king the three lead their people deep into the lands the barbarians once owned fighting off the wandering undead of the area. Very few died in what was their battle to make their homeland thanks to the strength of the three founders. With that a formal letter was sent declaring independence of Rangoukai. From that day those who were the noble warriors were known as shiningami or Gods of Death for their fearsome battle skills sending the undead back to their grave.

Trying to start a new civilization there the Rangoukaians found it quite impossible to live their life without the interference of An-Yneaith and so they up and began to push west. The shiningami cleared the way for their people as undead roamed the lands. They figured the farther and farther they pushed the less influence they would have from their original country. Then they found the west coast and there they settled slowly spreading out amongst the land.

While the original three shiningami have long since died they all had many children and their family line prospered. The ones taken under the wings of the first three Shiningami had come to become shiningami themselves and taking up the status of minor nobles. In An-Yneaith's confusion of their dead king they didn't even bother with the Rangoukaians and quickly their civilization was born.

After the Null

After the null, there was less of a need for the shinigami and the ruling families of Rangoukai. The Dravonian reaches were destroyed, and the alliance to defend and avenge Ka was beaten. As things spiraled out of control the three noble families tried to reinforce their hold in Rangoukai. Enacting new policies, laws, and enforcements the people whom had been happy for their protectors before, were now feeling as if ruled by tyrants. This tyrannical rule was only able to go for so long before the weakened houses fell under the rebellion of civil war.

Geography and Climate

Rangoukai is located just south of An-Yneaith on the edge of the Dravonian reaches. It occupies from the farthest west on the coast to just the beginnings of The Jungles of Ka. The country is mostly flat with a few small hilly regions. It rains about once a week leaving the ground wet alot of the time.

Major Cities

Rangoukai has a population of approximately six hundred and fifty thousand. While their region is large their cities are mainly spread out to make undead coincidences farther and fewer between.

Andarai - After the destruction of Seireitei, Andarai was established as the new head of Rangoukai. Andarai before had been the second largest city in all of Rangoukai, and was generally considered more of a place of learning for those whom had wanted to learn histories outside of Rangoukai as well as magics that did not come from one of the shinigami paths of magic. Current population of Andarai is approximately three hundred thousand.

The rest of Rangoukai's population is spread out into many towns having a feudal japan feel to them.


Currently the government of Rangoukai is run by a council within Andari. This council of ten comes from a verity of walks of life. Two merchant lords, three scholars, the general of the Minami Engo Gunryo, an ex-shinigami (Ronin) by the name of Katrina Tishiro, the general of the main army of Rangoukai, and two elected officials. These officials are elected once every eight years.

Foreign Policy

As far as Rangoukai is concerned An-Yneaith did nothing but weaken them by forcing their people to co-operate with their demands to attack the undead armies. That said rangoukaians don't like An-Yneaithans that much and tent to have a don't bother us we won't bother you kinda attitude. As far as the other countries go the head families are willing to give them a chance since even they came from An-Yneaith at one point, but will those countries stay honorable in the eyes of Rangoukai? That is yet to be seen.

So far though the Jeati have proven themselves to be trust worthy. The Rangoukains have begun to do abit of trade with them trading different products like sugar cane and rice for firs and the such. Each little village doing their own trade to make a living while also fishing. This leads many to believe that perhaps peace may be established between all of the Ka tribes and Rangoukai someday.

Although where there is a friend there is also a potential enemy right around the corner. The Demosthene Ascendancy. Although some of the leaders seem honorable enough to have relation with it is still a growing concern that the Ascendancy's annexing will eventually start falling on Randoukai territory. With that many of the army are ready to fight right there at the edge of the boarder. Their not necessarily on high alert but they are weary to keep an eye on their lands.*


The Rangoukain military is made up of two separate groups. The Minami Engo Gunryo are part of the southern army devoted to the continued protection from the undead of the Dravonian Reaches. Every man that comes of age is expected to spend atleast two years within the Minami Engo Gunryo unless they spend that time in the Rangoukain Central Army. The RCA is completely different from the Rangoukain military of old.

After the fall of the capital, many Ronin found themselves in the following years as members of the RCA. As part of the old military, they knew how to fight, and would make for a good base for the new army. Though those leading it were those whom the Shinigami used to hunt. Will workers, and those that used dark arts, now if they proved to be of no harm to Rangoukai were allowed to practice once again. With their great strength, some of them became fearsome forces within the RCA.

Finally, within the RCA there is a group of ninjas, whom have been practicing their craft in secret. Now without fear from the Shinigami's distaste for their arts, they have offered their assistance to the RCA. Typically only accepting work that fits their clan's ways.


Rangoukaians are not very religious people. Most of their beliefs are based upon living and dying an honorable way. If one lives without honor then what is he? This carries on into their everyday actions and even into their fighting style.