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This is the story-based description of the Undead. For their official character rules, go here.

The undead need no introduction -- at least, not to the people of D'hennex, whom they have ravaged since time immemorial. They are perversions, the dead raised to walk again by dark powers, filled with anger and hate for those still living.


While the undead are extremely varied -- they cannot be called a 'race' in the same was as humans can, despite the variation innate to humanity -- they tend to have common threads running throughout their natures. As they have suffered death and come back from it, they are immune to many of the vagaries of life that humans do suffer from. They do not suffer the ravages of old age, they are immune to diseases and poisons, and they do not need to breathe air. Dark power makes them move, so rarely do undead have spots that can be struck to critically disable them -- rather, sufficient damage must simply be dealt to them to disrupt the power that animates them. Some undead are also resistant to temperature extremes, whether cold or heat, but this is inconsistent.

Besides their immunities, the undead also have a common motivation. They hate the living, or at least appear to. They are unrelenting in attacking the living. Some speculate that this is due to their envy of what the living still possess, that they have lost. Others believe that they, in some manner, feed upon the living by slaying them, regardless of whether they actually physically collect any material from the living (such as a vampire's bloodsucking), and thus permit them to sustain their unholy existance.

The undead also have common weaknesses, often exploited by those who fight them regularly. As they are animated by dark powers, the use of holy powers often does superior damage to them. Attacks derived from elements associated with purity, such as light and fire, are also often highly effective.

While these commonalities are largely true, the exact nature of any undead depends on how they arrived in that state. Typically, a given necromancer's undead will often share the same weaknesses, as they are typically reanimated by the same methodologies.