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This is the story-based description of Psionic power. For the official rules on psions, go here.

Psi is energy created through a person's willpower. A wielder of psi is called a "psion". The power comes from a specific part of the brain that most sentient species have, but in most people, is dormant. Psions are usually either born that way, or have an operation by another psion or very advanced technological methods to activate the lobe. Because most psions are the products of evolution, psions have tended to build a stereotype that all psions are extremely intelligent, consistent with a brain that has evolved along with the ability. This is not always the case, and a normal person who gains use of psi does not suddenly become more intelligent.

As fighters, psions tend to be more defensive than offensive. They have superior sensing abilities, allowing them to perceive things in beyond perfect detail in all directions around them at once, and can execute both offense and defensive telekinetic maneuvers without so much as the movement of a limb. They are most proficient at close-quarters combat, but are a force to be reckoned with at a distance as well, with telekinetic bursts called "waves" and "rushes" that are only seen as nearly invisible ripples in the air.


The art of psionics is relatively new, and thus, has limited training available.

Schule von Gemut

The Schule is run by James Kaider, a vulpine demihuman, and is not only a full-fledged school of psionics, but a university for mortal students.