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This is the story-based description of Humans. For their official character rules, go here.

Humans are the most easily identifiable race in Alternate Dragonball Z. When someone speaks of Humans as a race, they usually speak of the billions of humanoid, mammalian, sentient people who dominate the planet Earth. They feature two arms and two legs, ten fingers and ten toes, a torso, and a head which usually bears hair of varying lengths. They stand, on average, between five and six and a half feet.

The Average Human

Earthling Humans are relatively weak creatures. Most cannot lift much more than half their own weight, and very, very few possess psionic capabilities. This is largely attributed to a general orientation of their culture toward compassion, peaceful pursuits, and alternative solutions. The ordinary Human is much more concerned with his position in his social structure than with personal strength, and typically spends more time paying his dues to the society that supports him than training for warfare. Knowledge and wealth gained through rising status are a few of humanity's highest values.


Despite the virtuous quest for knowledge and new technological advances, Humanity is considerably behind many other galactic sentient species, though that is a contentious statement based on point of view. Some attribute human progress to a relatively short span of civilization. Others argue that humans tend to long for a hedonistic lifestyle, in that much of technology seeks to increase quality of life where logic and efficiency would command a crueller path.

Either way, Earthling Humans are largely still within the Information Age of technology. Earth itself is a menagerie of peculiar, mismatched cultures, despite its people's common ancestry, but by population, most of Earth's society possesses the technology to enter space, though not far beyond their own solar system.

There is a group of Humans on the continent of D'hennex who are even further down the technological ladder, refusing technology's embrace as they struggle with their unique claim to the forces of magic, and their constant war and social turmoil.

A Fighting Minority

While most Humans on Earth are, as stated earlier, weak, there is a growing handful of extraordinarily powerful fighters growing seemingly from nowhere in the center of their hesitant society. These fighters have mastered ki, magic, and psionics. Some have even leapt technological hurdles and command futuristic constructs of combat. Earth has constantly been a target for more warlike, alien races who desire to take something from it, or to destroy it, or to enslave it. Accordingly, Earthling fighters have sprung up like weeds to repel them, to a surprisingly successful result. Entire armies of men who are stronger and/or more technologically advanced than Humanity have been turned away by Earth's protectors. These men and women tend to have drastically altered lifestyles, compared to their weaker brothers and sisters, and frequently have trouble adjusting, especially when their governments tend to abandon them or even reject them. Regardless, the fighting populace within the human race continues to grow and burgeon.


Demihumans are humanoid creatures who strongly resemble one of the many non-sentient mammal species on Earth. They are often closely associated with humans, for a variety of reasons. While they can possess rather wildly different appearances, they are equals in nearly every other regard. They also live seamlessly with their less animal-like companions, and very few issues with apartheid and bigotry have been experienced in written civilization. Though the two races have often intermarried, however, children of Human and Demihuman couples are always either clearly members of one race or the other (and usually bear strong resemblances to the corresponding parent). Such children tend not to refer themselves as portions human or demihuman, but rather, whatever they appear to be. The exception, of course, is when a person calls back on many generations where other races besides Human and Demihuman enter the picture.

Human science is still baffled about where Demihumans originated. While there is mild debate about whether Humans descended from monkeys or were created by The Dragon (an ultimate deity in the Kamism religion, no longer considered to be alive), there is very little discovered about links to Demihumans. Many Kamists simply include them with Humans in being The Dragon's creations, and, in fact, use this holding to gain advantages in debates with scientists. There are no discovered obvious links, alive today or otherwise, for Demihumans to descend from. The mammals they resemble are so varied and interspersed that it would require dozens of separate civilizations for evolution to explain them all, and no evidence has been found of any such civilization in the past. Thus, aside from religious claims, the scientific history of Demihumans remains a mystery.

Humans Abroad

Humans do exist outside of Earth, and seem completely separate and independent of their terrestrial brethren. However, they exist only in very small pockets when they are found in this way, and are frequently poor vagrant civilizations, travelling on intergalactic starships. As adaptable a people as they are, their social traits can be as varied as those of almost every race in the universe, from warlike to thoughtful, from evil to good. However, despite how many races bear passing resemblances to them, most Humans can look at one another and know instantly that it is another Human they are looking at, even if the two civilizations have never before met or heard of one another. It is still unknown whether these extra-terrestrial Humans are really age-old refugees from a time on Earth long forgotten, or if they are from some once united and completely coincidental, parallel race.