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Venustas the hidden gem of Azshar is nestled far into the sandy reaches. Many if not most Azshar natives have never been to, or seen the city. The city of Venustas is shrouded in mystery its existence a myth. The city magically hidden from outsiders.


  • 5,380 Humans/Demi-Humans
  • Human and Demi-Human comprise 95% of Venustas's population while there is a small 5% community of other
  • Humans comprise 3/4 of the 95% population while Demi-Humans are the remaining 1/4
  • Racial Exclusions are made for any race that has any sort of inherit (society based, origin based) loyalty, and being with a demonic nature or are themselves demonic

The population of Venustas boasts a high amount of mages, and psions. This greater number of power wielders is often thought due to the effects of the nexus. The city also has a great amount of elemental mages among its people.


It was years ago many years before the coming of the modern ages when a man dressed in silks, and emblazoned with gem dotted rings appeared in the desert. He had a spark in his eye and a fire in his soul that burned the skies. He had found what he was looking for in this wasteland. It was a seed of creation, a nexus of magic that glowed bright and moved with liquid form. The man spent many days there at the site attuning his power with the nexus.

It was a week later when the ground rumbled and a city started to form from the surroundings. Creation was taking place fueled by magic. Great spires and domes formed from the environment, simple houses arose from the ground, fountains started to appear, the streets solidified into cobble stones. The man stood up as the creator of the city. It would be a place of magic with the great nexus in the center of the city inside a great dome of pillars, and a glass dome.

People came to the city and generations started to form. The city always seemed big enough for the ever growing population. Magic was everywhere in the city growing plants for harvest, keeping the wells full, the lights lit, and powering a communication network with the touch of runes and a thought you could talk to anyone. The city was raided a score of times however it is said that for every three people one of them were magicians. The raiders were repelled, but the Sharif of the city decided then to shroud the place from eyes.

The great city disappeared from sight when the great magicians of the city gathered around the nexus in the center of the city and cast a barrier to keep out intruders. From that day on no one came to the city, and raiders never raided again. The city was gone from sight, from sound, from senses. Only the families of the city were able to see and enter into it. Many years went by and people began to grow sad because no one new came to the city.

It was years into the sadness that the Sharif of Venustas decided to allow his people to leave. Thus began a growth in the city of new people once again. The law allowed residents to grant a visitor the right to enter the city, and eventually if the visitor so wished they would be granted citizenship. This was a joyous time for all and the city of magic was a lit again with happiness and growth.


Venustas is a society built around magic. It was always the point of the founder to share knowledge to people and to give them a place that would grow, and flourish as long as the magic remained. It is to this end that the founder had brought to the city a great deal of writings from all over the world. The founder of the city wanted future generations to be well versed in what was going on around them.

People had always grown their own food in the magical soil inside the city, and gathered water from the enchanted aquifers which never seemed to go dry. The people raised animals for food, and setup markets to sell grains, seed, livestock, vegetables, and fruits to one another. On a whole everything is free or can be traded for in the city.

Recently more and more information from the world has been brought into the city from the researchers who were sent out to gather knowledge of the modern world. The great library was updated on recent events, and teachings. Atlases of the world started to appear as the scripts employed by the Sharif got to work using information brought in.


Since old times the Sharif, or Sultan as they are sometimes called have ruled Venustas. Every ruler since the founder has been of the founders family line. The Sharif has always been a great magician, and has always undergone the rights of ruling. These rights are a trial setup by the founder so that a kind, but intelligent, and strong willed leader would be picked upon completion of the rights. The Sharif lives with his family in a palace near the center of the city. The Sharif is in charge of keeping order among the people, and to maintain the nexus which powers the city.

Even having created a city of nigh endless supply and growth there are still those who steal, or act violent towards another. The first Sharif and founder created an order called Djinn which move among the people showing themselves when the laws are broken. The Djinn wear illusions to cover their identity, and when they appear they are cloaked in white with the seal of the Sharif to show their power.

  • Citizenship of Venustas is not a lax ordeal requiring a counsel of elders, and the Sharif's consent.
  • Native Venustas citizens who leave are required to not talk about the city and doing so is considered treason unless first consulting the city elders, and Sharif.
  • Non-Citizens who enter the city are imprisoned as they are a liability to the citizenship.


The founder of Venustas believed in elemental spirits. It was his belief that the world was created by the great spirits that formed everything around everyone. There is the great spirit of Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Wood, and Metal. The founder placed six temples in six corners of the city in honor of the six great spirits. He encouraged people to follow the faith of the six spirits as he had, but did not force this on anyone. The following of the elements has however become the main religion of the Sharif, and many old families of Venustas. There are temples to other faiths erected in the city however although not as large as the original temples of the six great elemental spirits.

  • Ignis, Elemental God of Fire in the Venustas religion
  • Anima, Elemental God of Air in the Venustas religion
  • Amnis, Elemental God of Water in the Venustas Religion
  • Terreus, Elemental God of Earth in the Venustas Religion
  • Chaos, Elemental God of Chaos in the Venustas Religon
  • Imperito, Elemental God of Order in the Venustas Religion
  • Phalerae, Elemental God of Metal in the Venustas Religion
  • Infinitus, Elemental God of Space & Time in the Venustas Religion
  • Matereo, Elemental God of Wood in the Venustas Religion

There are six great temples and nine elemental spirits considered Gods. The three elemental God spirits that do not have temples are considered sacred, worshiped only by those of royal blood. Teaching of the three sacred elemental God spirits isn't done among the populace at large. Most people who live in Venustas are not aware of the three sacred elemental God spirits.