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West City is a major metropolis of Cardinal, home to 9.2 million people. It acts as the country's technological capital. The newest inventions can always be found first in West City before anywhere else in the country (and sometimes the world!). With the largest amount of government grants and contracts given out to technology and high-tech firms of all of the directional cities, West City is home to most of the country's bleeding-edge scientific advances, of every design.

Vital Statistics

Official Name
The City of West
Universal Location
On the planet Earth, on the continent of Cardinal.
National Allegiance
9.2 million sentients
Population Makeup
Under construction.
Notable Inhabitants

Points of Interest

Capsule Corporation Headquarters

Before the events of the second Null, Capsule Corporation had been pushed into the background, while Empirical Industries enjoyed its time in the limelight. However, the events of the second tuning have erased EI from the annals of history, once more placing CC as the primary technological and research company in Cardinal.

Capsule Corporation Headquarters boasts a massive sprawling complex, where its employees diligently work each day to bring about the newest technological marvels for the world. Receiving heavy government and financial backing, CC is an extremely well established cornerstone of Cardinal.

West City Technoloseum

Perhaps one of the major characterizing institutions of West City is its Technoloseum. It attracts crowds from around the continent to marvel and even interact with hundreds of exhibits, allowing the young and old alike to monitor the functions of their own brains, float around in simulated anti-gravity rooms, and watch from just 20 feet away as a demonstrator punches an arm-thick hole through 75 feet of titanium with the latest in weapons technology. Many prestigious organizations such as Empirical Industries and Capsule Corporation have donated many of the exhibits, and in turn, the profits gained each year from the museum goes directly toward a board-voted field of actual research.

The Western Wharf of Jarod

Sometimes just called Jarod's Wharf, the official port of West City is the largest port in all of Cardinal, supplying a significant portion of the nation's GNP. Because of this and the general atmosphere of high technology in West City, many powerful businesses choose to locate their headquarters in this city. Jarod's Wharf was named after a man known only as Jarod who, after allegedly single-handedly slaying a thousand invading demon sea dragons, went on to rule a historically resonant empire with a capital in the same place as West City, until he died of old age.