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Dutaeria is the lone planet of the Tii system, 12.8 light years from Earth, and is actually a planetary embodiment of the Ascended Taerian Davin Althimor, who, in conjunction with the Taerian deity-figure Shin Strife, sacrificed his body and soul to create a new homeland for his race, as the ancient homeworld of Taeria had been destroyed when Shin Strife sacrificed himself during the war with Zann and the Golems. Currently, Dutaeria is inhabited by a very small population, as most Taerians either died or fled to unknown space when Taeria was destroyed.

Physical Features

Dutaeria is about 0.75 times the size of Earth, although it has the same surface gravity. Most of the planet is covered in either water or lush jungles, much as its predecessor had been; nearly two-thirds of the planet are oceanic, while most of the final third is lushly vegetated.


The Dutaerian atmosphere is almost identical to that of Earth, although the percentage of noble gases in the air is significantly higher than the trace amounts found in Earth's atmosphere, replacing some of the nitrogen that would be expected.


The planet is tropical for the most part, and most of the landmasses are covered with rainforest and jungle. However, with the building of the Taerian sensory matrix - a massive series of rings around the planet - the climate has shifted somewhat, perhaps from less sun reaching the planet itself.

Mechanical Alterations

The most immediate feature of Dutaeria is the sensory matrix, a massive conglomeration of metal, gemstone, and psionic enhancements that encircles the planet. The rings of the matrix provide advanced information about local space to the Taerian cities, and serve as platforms for the Taerian Spacelords, the elite military group of the planet.

The startowers of the Taerians also extend vastly upward from the planet's surface, many reaching out of the atmosphere and into space, and theoretically extend several miles into the planet's surface. The startowers currently act as beacons, signalling to Taerian ships the presence of the new planet.

Dutaeria Time

Dutaeria makes a complete orbit of its sun in 396 Earth days -- about thirty Earth days longer than an Earth year. The rotation speed of Dutaeria is similar to that of Earth; its day is 26 hours, 26 minutes, and 29.333 seconds long, only a few hours longer than Earth's day.


Dutaeria has two moons, and popular belief is that they are representative of Shin Strife and Davin Althimor. As such, the moons have been named Shin and Althimor. Althimor rises in the north as viewed from the planet, and sets in the south, visible in the sky for almost the entire day, as long as the sensory matrix is not obscuring it. Shin is far less visible, and has an erratic orbit, rising in the north and setting in the east, appearing in the sky for only about six hours.




Dutaeria is, at the moment, inhabited only by Taerians and the subcaste of Taerians known as Blud.