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The Capsule Corporation is a large, private, Cardinal-based engineering and technology firm. Its headquarters are located in West City. Capsule's claim to fame lies in its time-honored encapsulation methodology, which utilizes specially tuned Brief fields to reduce compatible objects of a great variety of sizes and masses down to a very small and convenient capsule that can be easily carried in one's hand or pocket, to be redeployed instantly at any time. Capsule was founded by the Briefs family, who invented encapsulation, as well as expanding the company into numerous other industries. Among them, it pioneered Cardinal's space program, created advanced energy analysis and detection technology, and defined the standard for powered-grade training facilities, including high-intensity gravity simulation and inexpensive combat artificial intelligence.

The current owner and CEO of Capsule Corporation is Derek Eberstark.


The Capsule Corporation was founded approximately 100 years ago, by Dr. (placeholder) Briefs, with the advent of encapsulation. Long a scientifically-oriented family, Dr. Briefs is still considered one of the most influential and brilliant scientists in Earth's history. Encapsulation was restricted initially to military use, for rapid and efficient deployment of large vehicles and small buildings. The ease of the technology's use made it widespread throughout the military, and Capsule Corporation was soon trusted with many other government projects, such as space travel. The corporation's technology was brought to the private sector by Dr. Brief's granddaughter, Buluma Briefs. She refined existing energy detection algorithms and equipment into the modern day Dragon Radar, a hand-held device capable of pinpointing the location of Dragonballs. Her public success is generally thought to be heavily reliant on her association with Goku during his many world-saving adventures.

Capsule Corporation fell out of family hands when Buluma retired, leaving (placeholder) as owner and CEO, who emphasized government and power-wielder catered projects. This caused Capsule to fade from the public eye as Empirical Industries was formed and quickly created its own strong presence in the private sector. It wasn't until Derek Eberstark took over the company a few years ago that it reestablished itself in the market, creating a "Capsule" information device as an inexpensive and open-source alternative to Empirical Industries' popular and highly proprietary PAD. This was followed by a campaign of involvement in the Internet society, where Capsule Corporation specialized in helping a variety of independent authors and activists to rapidly launch and draw other users to simple, unique, highly-functional, and intelligently designed communities without the need for a high level of technical knowledge or savvy.


The following characters are currently associated with and/or employed by Capsule Corporation: