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The Tenkaichi Budoukai Martial Arts Tournament is a famous competition on Earth. Power wielders come from far and wide to test their mettle against their brethren to see who will claim the championships, and the benefits that accompany them -- larges sums of money, powerful items, and, best of all, bragging rights. In recent times, the Tenkaichi Budoukai has been held annually, although the exact date shifts depending on what's going on in the world -- invasions have been known to change the scheduling.

2008 Tenkaichi Budoukai

This year's tournament included a new, ladder-like style of competition for the lower two divisions that met with mixed but overall greater success. Many new policies about time limits kept things swift, active, and brief, though because of the way that many players were used to engaging in the competition, these same rules caused many characters to be dropped from the competition for being idle for extended periods.

One of the notable, possible side-effects of the ladder was that competitors in those divisions caused their power levels to soar enormously over the course of the Budoukai. Both divisions concluded with all or almost all of their participants above the normal range of power that would have been acceptable to enter the division in the first place, causing them to completely dominate later entrants.

This is the first Budoukai in which Seshuesi Suemn held the tournament as mistress of Deius Castle, instead of Alothin. The general atmosphere of the tournament was one of honorable combat, with a few people penalized or rewarded for acting unscrupulously or virtuously, respectively.

The winners of the divisions are listed below, along with their prizes.

Heavyweight Division Winners

This division targeted all fighters over 100,000 total power level, but was available for characters as low as 10,000.

  • GRAND CHAMPION: CYRUS TAKK - Crown of Legends, 960 million zenny
  • 2nd Place: Ciel Deschaine - Mantle of Legends, 576 million zenny
  • 3rd Place: Amida Shiromaru - Signet Ring of Legends, 320 million zenny

Other Heavyweight competitors: Johan Fahst, Ledah Croix

Middleweight Division Winners

This division targeted fighters over 10,000 but under 100,000 total power level, but was available for characters as low as 1,000.

Other Middleweight competitors: Aaron DeLerouge, Damien Vrylar, Koshou, Trance

Lightweight Division Winners

This division targeted fighters over 1,000 but under 10,000 total power level, but was available for characters as low as 150.

Other Lightweight competitors: Aisha, Becky Kingston, Beyea Lurian, Christal Sparhawk, Ciara, Edamo Nima, Edan Sparhawk, Gioffrey Dannelore, Ichigo Kajitsu, I'llyana, Jogaimo, Kabocah, Kaiyone Shiigoku, Karrak Seorun, Kemonotsu, Leigh Granger, Nikolai Viacouslav, Onikara Shinto, PAM Prototype, Richard Archer

Flyweight Division Winners

This division targeted any fighters who could be considered power wielders, but who were below 1,000 in total power level.

Other Flyweight competitors: Cassandra Litvyak, Cht'kvvt'skreek, Eris, Gilead Clayburne, Gunsmith, Gynnare, Jean-Paul Bombardier, Kerne Ashcroft, Kurt Ferenc, Meralda Cuore, Shasta Sciara, Sukocchiuisuki, Valerie DuGaulle, Valeska Terez

The awards ceremony is still being held.

2007 Tenkaichi Budoukai

The 2007 tournmanet was largely a repeat of the prior year's style, except that instead of having only three brackets (Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Lightweight), a fourth Flyweight bracket was added, for the very newest fighters to come and show what they can do, beside the more established wielders of power. The Flyweight bracket was done similarly to the lightweight bracket, with the winners determined by victories, however, this year, in both the lightweight and flyweight brackets, losses also resulted in the loss of points, making every fight crucial.

Heavyweight Placement:

  • 1st Place: Adam (Prize: Luckstones, 35.0 million zenny.)
  • 2nd Place: Kurenai Shijima (Prize: Void Scroll, 30.0 million zenny.)
  • 3rd Place: Ciel Deschaine (Prize: The Gospel, 25.0 million zenny.)

Middleweight Placement:

  • 1st Place: Sylon (Prize: Ki Crystal, 25.0 million zenny.)
  • 2nd Place: Kinsei Reichi (Prize: Cornucopia, 20.0 million zenny.)
  • 3rd Place: Koshou (Prize: ASAS, 15.0 million zenny.)

Lightweight Placement:

  • 1st Place: Janice Watts (Prize: Gaian Nodule, 15.0 million zenny.)
  • 2nd Place: Hitomi Owaarii (Prize: Spinfuzor, 12.5 million zenny.)
  • 3rd Place: Akane Fukumitsu (Prize: The Maltese Scroll, 10.0 million zenny.)
  • Honourable Mention: Teraptus Icebreed (Prize: Phylactery of Will, 1.0 million zenny.)

Flyweight Placement:

  • 1st Place: Ledah Croix (Prize: Ivory Pins, 10.0 million zenny.)
  • 2nd Place: Kate Letopaxa (Prize: Secretscribe, 7.5 million zenny.)
  • 3rd Place: Ulic (Prize: Lesser Tattoo of Mental Flexibility, 5.0 million zenny.)

Prizes were distributed at an awards ceremony on Deius Castle, as usual.

2006 Tenkaichi Budoukai

The 2006 tournament saw a shift back to a more traditional style, as compared to the prior year's. Rather than being divided by power type, a triple-bracket system (lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight) was used. Lightweight victors were those with the most raw victories, being able to challenge other competitors in their weight class at will. Middleweight and heavyweight classes, however, operated under prearranged matches, with a double-elimination rule. It was still held on Deius Castle.

Sponsorship by Empirical Industries continued, with many of the prizes having had components gathered by Empirical agents, or the prizes actually consisting of Empirical assistance and technology. As well, DVDs were created and sold widely, once again, as they were last year. Further licensing is still being considered, but has not yet been released.

Heavyweight Placement:

  • 1st Place: Johnny Gnash (Prize: Empirical engineers, 25.0 million zenny.)
  • 2nd Place: Jade Boskonovich (Prize: Bracelets of the Beast, 20.0 million zenny.)
  • 3rd Place: Shanji Ushai (Prize: Tattoo of Mental Flexibility, 17.5 million zenny.)

Middleweight Placement:

  • 1st Place: Johan Fahst (Prize: Ruby Ring of Hellfire, 17.5 million zenny.)
  • 2nd Place: Keith Aricin (Prize: Helm of Brilliance, 15.0 million zenny.)
  • 3rd Place: Tamanegi Niyama (Prize: Orb of Mastery, 12.5 million zenny.)

Lightweight Placement:

  • 1st Place: Constance Ina Kaider (Prize: Gorget of the Prima Donna, 12.5 million zenny.)
  • 2nd Place: Valis T'Sarran (Prize: Black Iron Anklets, 10.0 million zenny.)
  • 3rd Place: Chadisekhar (Prize: Empirical engineers, 7.5 million zenny.)

The prizes were, once again, presented at a formal awards ceremony in Deius Castle's main courtyard.

2005 Tenkaichi Budoukai

The 2005 tournament saw some shifts in play-style. It was hosted, once again, on Deius Castle, under the auspices of Alothin. Divisions were divided according to power type, rather than weight, with ki wielders fighting ki wielders, psions fighting psions, mages fighting mages, and more indefinable power types (such as raw physical power forming a miscellaneous fourth division. A final competition was held between the champions of each division to determine the ultimate champion of the tourney. Opinions of the event style were mixed, and it was not repeated the next year.

Notably, this also introduced the sponsorship of the tournament by Empirical Industries, which provided a significant amount of funding and technological support. As well, DVDs were constructed from records of the fights recorded by observer drones, edited to slow the tapes to where a mortal could perceive them, and widely sold to the general public. Further licensing was also seriously contemplated, but not acted on at the time.

Ki Placement:

Psionics Placement:

Magical Placement:

  • 1st: Atyhtan Ator (Prize: Elemental Ring, 5.0 million zenny.)
  • 2nd: Alothin (Prize: Scepter of Vigilance, 2.5 million zenny.)

Physical Placement:

Final Placement:

  • 1st: Atyhtan Ator (Prize: Personal spacecraft, docking rights at EIS-4, and 15.0 million additional zenny.)

2004 Tenkaichi Budoukai

By the time the 2004 tournament rolled around, the IMP squadrons and anti-power wielder sentiment were at a fever pitch. Lord Jacob Lizardcage invited power wielders from all around to come to his floating castle to participate in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, safe in the knowledge that the mountain it hovered over emitted strange energies that scrambled robotic systems, preventing the IMPs from interfering.

The tournament was divided into two sections: recreational and competitive. The competitive division had greater prizes, and matchingly greater challengers in it. Victory was tallied by raw victories in matches against people in your division.

Lord Lizardcage disappeared at the end of the award ceremony, passing on the torch for holding these tournaments to Alothin.

Competitive Placement:

Recreational Placement:

  • 1st Place: Balys Tervaine (Prize: Ultimagnate, One Million Zenny.)
  • 2nd Place: Johan Fahst (Prize: Five Hundred Thousand Zenny.)
  • 3rd Place: Shanji Ushai (Prize: One Hundred Thousand Zenny.)

2003 Tenkaichi Budoukai

The 2003 tournament was run by an order of monks, on an island near South City, in a stadium especially designed for the function. It featured two classes by weight for power wielders, as well as classes for mortal competitors. It was the major sporting event of the year -- unfortunately, it was abruptly terminated due to terrorist activities, and no victors were declared.